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  1. Tracker's Name: ScenceTime Genre: General Sign-up Link: https://www.scenetime.com/ Closing date: No idea Additional information: Name: SceneTime Tracker URL: http://scenetime.com Tracker Genre: General Tracker Type: Ratio Based Tracker Signup: Open Bonus System: Yes Seed Difficulty: Easy Banned Countries: None
  2. 2022-09-25 - The Staff/Administration thanks all those who visit us regularly and who help us in the growth of this house, especially those who insert and share content with the community http://torrentinvites.org/images/smilies/cake.gifand the "stars" daily :stars:. Without your presence/help nothing would be possible :balloon:. Thanks!
  3. Categories Few changes to the categories has been made.
  4. PHP version upgrade - there may be errors The PHP version of the page has been upgraded, along with some code changes. If you notice any problems, please let me know ( forum , staff message), thanks!
  5. Server upgrade this week | Downtime: multiple hours Mon, Sep 26, 2022 12:36 PM Dear community, We are getting a new and more powerful server! The team is already preparing the new server, and we plan to switch over to the new one at the end of this month. We are in a rush and will migrate asap due to the unexpected downtimes last week. Please be aware that the actual maintenance window for the migration will not be published multiple days ahead, but rather spontaneous announced. All updates will be posted on our external chat app (matrix). PS. Just keep seeding/leeching as usual during the migration and downtime. Keep your torrents seeding for a bit loner than usual, seedtime might not be counted during the downtime. Thanks for your understanding, Your aither team
  6. Hey everyone, Hope you are enjoying STT, there has been a change for access to the INVITE FORUMS You will now be required to obtain the SuperUser Rank in order to access the invite forums or make a subscription or donation to GRiMMS MEDiA HUB Archive & Streaming Service which helps to support the site. This change has been done so brand new users can no longer join just to get invited to other trackers, and also so STT can be put on other trackers invite forums being a rank is now required to obtain it. This will make the site more enjoyable being there is something to work for and hopefully brings more activity and uploads for everyone. Thank you for understanding this change, Yours Truly, GRiMM
  7. Tracker's Name: Digitalcore Genre: General Sign-up Link: https://digitalcore.club/signup/ Closing date: Closing Soon Review's Link: DigitalCore | DC | General | 2022 Review Stats: Registered users: 6,229 Torrents: 474,966 Active Torrents: 57,576 Peers: 91,537 Peers record: 93,049 Seeders: 90,390 Leechers: 1,147 Requests filled: 610 Total requests: 642 Active users in the past 15 min: 33 Active users in the past day: 571 Online IRC Users: 422
  8. PrivateHD: News Site Maintenance! Due to some stability issues, jackett api has been temporarily disabled. Chinese IP are still blocked (Please use a VPN if you are accessing from China).
  9. 2022.09.22 - Members please join the QQ group If you haven't joined the group, it is recommended that you all join the group. You can get the Passkey login link in the group to avoid being unable to log in to the website after closing the visitor. The method of joining the group, click on the account binding to get 8 red characters, / the red letter behind the binding, add the group 97085390, fill in the verification message, which is the 8 red characters just now, and urgently recruit auditors (visit the website from time to time during the day) Review seeds), seed guards (minimum 4T hard drive long-term seed preservation), if you are interested, please add management group 119393709
  10. Avistaz News Site Maintenance! Due to some stability issues, jackett api has been temporarily disabled. Chinese IP are still blocked (Please use a VPN if you are accessing from China).
  11. cinemaz News Site Maintenance! Due to some stability issues, jackett api has been temporarily disabled. Chinese IP are still blocked (Please use a VPN if you are accessing from China).
  12. βš™οΈ Upcoming Server Maintenance September 23rd to 25th | with approx. 10 minutes downtime Thu, Sep 22, 2022 8:55 PM Dear community, Please be advised that the tracker will be under maintenance on September 23rd to 25th, with a total downtime of approx. 15 minutes. This period of downtime will be scheduled for tracker & security updates. We apologize for the inconvenience that this may cause. Your Aither Team PS. Status updates will be posted in our Matrix Chat!
  13. The working group recruits team members related to special effects subtitles, is keen on film and television post-production, is interested in the work of the subtitle team, refuses the three-minute popularity, can complete the task with quality and quantity, is familiar with aegisub or adobe after effects, has a certain foundation and self-learning ability, Interested in learning relevant knowledge and software. After becoming an official team member, you will have the up status symbol, enjoy the treatment of the working group, and enjoy the magic value reward according to the workload. Diligent and dedicated team members can also enjoy retirement benefits, and you can get VIP after retirement with outstanding contributions qualifications. Registration method: Please join the subtitle group Recruitment penguin group: 1018258728 Add group verification: subtitle group application-site id, example: subtitle group application-newbie If you don’t have QQ, you can also join the TG group: https://t.me/+pAFslxyJEVVmZmQ1
  14. 🌐 Global Freeleech Mode Activated 🌐 99 Day 10 Hour 05 Minute and 10 Second
  15. Dear Users! We are getting more and more questions, sometimes in the forum, sometimes on the message board, sometimes at the Help Desk menu item, about how to remedy the torrent search misery? According to the fact that the torrent search engine displays unauthorized activity every time we enter words that are sensitive to it. If there is a space in the given address, do not put a space there, but a period. An example: Money or love, if you enter it like this, the search engine will display unauthorized activity, but if you enter it like this: Money.or.love, it will publish all such torrents in turn. The Estone team hopes that with this method we have made it easier for users to search for torrents in the future as well, thereby increasing the user experience. Sincerely, - eStone Staff -
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