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  1. BeiTai | General | 2022 Review Name BeiTai Tracker URL http://www.beitai.pt Tracker Genre General Tracker Type Ratio Based Bonus System Yes Seed Difficulty Easy Tracker Signup Invite Only Banned Countries None IRC Channel _ DESCRIPTION BeiTai tracker is a newly founded Chinese tracker. Mostly focus on High Difinition movies and TV series of CHINA and AMEICAN. BeiTai don't demand the ratio higher than a decent number like 0.3 or something, which makes the members less active but easy to survive. If you're new to tracker thing, BeiTai should be your first choice. So far BeiTai's got 11k+ members and 1.5k+ torrents. You'll find something surprised there sometimes. No HnR rules. No donation system. Admin team is nice to everyone. LOGIN HOME TORRENTS SUBTITLES FORUM RULES STATS FAQ RATINGS Speed 7/10 Pre-time 6/10 Content 8/10 Community 6/10 Overall 7.8/10
  2. HDCity | HDC | HD | 2022 Review Name HDCity Tracker URL https://hdcity.leniter.org Tracker Genre High Definition (HD) Tracker Type Ratio Based Bonus System Yes Seed Difficulty Medium/Easy Tracker Signup Closed/Invite Only Banned Countries None IRC Channel _ DESCRIPTION HDCity is a small chinese HD tracker.It has more then 9k users and more then 20k torrents.The internal encode team is NoVA, they do a pretty good job at encoding,like other small chinese trackers speeds is very good.Ratio is easy to maintain thans to the freeleech and bonus points. LOGIN HOME BROWSE FAQ USER CLASS UPLOAD RULES STATS RATINGS Speed 8/10 Pre-time 7/10 Content 7/10 Community 8/10 Overall 8/10
  3. Great Poster Wall | GPW | Movies | 2022 Review Name Great Poster Wall Tracker URL https://greatposterwall.com/ Tracker Genre Movies Tracker Type Ratio Based Bonus System Yes Seed Difficulty Medium | Hard Tracker Signup Invite Only Banned Countries None IRC Channel _ DESCRIPTION Great Poster Wall is the first Gazelle-based film and television site in Chinese, dedicated to building a high-quality film and television information treasure house and resource sharing platform. They have bonus point system but their bonus point system is freeleech token a single token can deduct 5 GB of traffic. in here you can find lot's of old and new movies. LOGIN HOMEPAGE BROWSE COLLECTIONS CATEGORIES FORUM WIKI UPLOAD SUBTITLES BONUS POINTS RULES RATINGS Speed 7/10 Pre-time 6/10 Content 8/10 Community 6/10 Overall 7.8/10
  4. mteam.fr | Mephisto | PC Games | 2022 Review Name MTeam.fr | Mephisto Tracker URL http://mteam.fr/ Tracker Genre PC Games Tracker Type Ratioless Bonus System Yes Seed Difficulty Easy Tracker Signup Invite Only Banned Countries None IRC Channel _ DESCRIPTION mTeam.fr is a FRENCH Private Tracker since 2011.Despite the fact that the tracker is private and extremely elitist , the reputation of this team amongst the Francophone community is due to the fact that the releases produced by Mephisto are always shared on other french trackers within one hour of their release. mTeam.fr As a p2p Team their goal is to make the installation of PC Games as fast, as simple and as fully translated in french as possible. The Tracker is ratioless, do not require a minimum seedtime nor penalize Hit'n'And'Run and do not ask for Donations. All the Releases are available on the Tracker and are made by the Founder and Administrator called Mephisto. The Tracker also offer 3 Bonus Points Systems build in the sole purpose of : 1- Buy Gifts to other Users; 2- Buy Pins Images to customize your Profile; 3- Buy Trophees | Rewards through the accumulation of Share Points. LOGIN HOME ALL TORRENTS FORUM FRAGGER MARKET REQUEST RULES USER CLASSES BONUS POINTS RATINGS Speed 9/10 Pre-time -/10 Content 9/10 Community 10/10 Overall 9/10
  5. DanishBytes | DB | HD | 2022 Review Name DanishBytes Tracker URL https://danishbytes.org/ Tracker Genre HD Tracker Type Ratio Based Bonus System Yes Seed Difficulty Easy - Medium Tracker Signup Closed/Invite Only/Application Banned Countries None IRC Channel DESCRIPTION DanishBytes is a new DANISH HD tracker for HD movies and series - especially with Danish/Nordic subtitles and language and Danish content. It opened January 3 2021 and so far there is 3.600 well seeded Torrents considering the age and size. At the moment RTBYTES and TWA are the only official Danish encoding groups on the site, but content from DBKiDS, DBRETAIL, RAPIDCOWS and most other Danish groups is everywhere on the site. The tracker is as of this date the only Danish tracker. Over the last few years we slowly lost all the old, big and well established trackers in Denmark. This all culminated in the end of 2020 where RettighedsAlliancen managed to get all the remaining Danish trackers shut down. DanishBytes quickly showed up and is still, and will be for a long time, under development. The trackers main priority right now is security and getting the base functions to work - UI will be the last step. Because of this there is there is no open signup. You can get in with an invite or by providing real evidence that you are trustworthy - stats form other trackers etc. The community and willingness on the tracker is strong, and people are helping in every way and especially with uploading Danish and Nordic content from the closed Danish trackers. So far the torrents are seeded very well. It has a bonus system that rewards torrent size, old torrents and keeping torrents alive. Its pretty similar to what's found on PrivateHD but a little more advanced. You can purchase upload, Freeleech and invites. Maintaining ratio is easy-medium as there is a lot of global freeleech on the tracker at this state. The structure/layout of the site can be a little confusing and is not the best at the moment. You have to seed to 1:1 or at least 48 hours, otherwise you will get a HNR warning - more details can be found in the images. You are held responsible for seeding a torrent after you have downloaded 5% of the size or 1GB. DanishBytes is especially good for the Custom DK subs their encoders provide, but the focus on NORDIC releases (DK, NO, SE and FIN subs) should also be mentioned. The language is Danish, but can easily be used with google translate page translator. LOGIN HOMEPAGE TORRENTS UPLOADS SUBTITLES MEDIAHUB PREMIUM STORE RATINGS Speed 8/10 Pre-time -/10 Content 7/10 Community 7/10 Overall 7/10
  6. Limit Of Eden | LOE | General | 2022 Review Name Limit Of Eden Tracker URL http://www.limit-of-eden.com/login.php Tracker Genre General Tracker Type Ratio Based Bonus System Yes Seed Difficulty Easy Tracker Signup Invite Only Banned Countries None IRC Channel _ DESCRIPTION Limit of Eden is a general Quebec/French tracker with almost 40,000 active torrents It has great content of Movies, TV, Apps, E-books, Games, Music and many other categories with French and English content. Most of torrents are with great speed because has many seeders and leechers even on the old torrents. Keep good ratio is very easy because has many freeleech torrents and bonus points system. This tracker has chat and arcade game for fun. For me this is one of the better general trackers with Quebec/French content. LOGIN HOMEPAGE FORUM BONUS WIKI BROWSE WIKI GENERATOR WIKI TV SERIES UPLOAD WIKI UPLOAD GAMES RATINGS Speed 9/10 Pre-time 8/10 Content 8/10 Community 6/10 Overall 7.8/10
  7. High Definition in Upxin | HDU | HD | 2022 Review Name High Definition In UpXin Tracker URL http://pt.upxin.net Tracker Genre HD Tracker Type Ratio Based Bonus System Yes Seed Difficulty Easy Tracker Signup Closed Banned Countries None IRC Channel _ TRACKER DESCRIPTION High Definition in Upxin (HDU) is a Chinese tracker focused in HD content. It’s the home tracker of HDU. Along with HDU it has other internal teams such as NoVA, OurDisc, HDA, CMCT and others. The tracker is based on NexusPHP. The community is like every other Chinese private community. The staffs are good and friendly. Good thing about this tracker is it does not have any Newbie Assessment like all the other chinses tracker out there. The tracker also doesn’t have any Hit & Run rules. HDU has many good contents with very good pretime. Speed is more than good with a lot of seedboxes. Maintaining ratio is very easy as they have freeleech, 2x up, 30 and 50% discount like other Chinese trackers. A very generous bonus point system is also implemented. Joining HDU can be hard as they recently disabled invite. Only way to join is to apply but maximum 2 people can apply in one day. LOGIN HOME CATEGORIES & TORRENTS 4K SUBTITLES FORUMS RULES BONUS POINTS DONATE Speed 8/10 Pre-time 8/10 Content 8/10 Community 8/10 Overall 8/10
  8. TLFBits | TLF | General | 2022 Review Name TLFBits (TLF) Tracker URL https://pt.eastgame.org Tracker Genre General Tracker Type Ratio Based Bonus System Yes Seed Difficulty Easy Tracker Signup Closed/Invite Only Banned Countries None IRC Channel _ DESCRIPTION TLFBits is a Chinese Movie tracker which focuses on MiniSD and mHD size encodes. They have 2 main internal groups, MiniSD-TLF and iNT-TLF. You may also find HalfCD-TLF and MNHD encodes on this tracker but they don’t have as many releases. The contents are good considering it’s a relatively small tracker (comparing to other main trackers in China such as CHD HDC TTG etc.) but there is still room for improvement. This tracker has a dedicated forum on a separate site, which makes the tracker forum a bit inactive. And the forum is mainly in Chinese. However if you are looking for a HD tracker like HDC and CHD, then this site is not the best for you. Another thing is that they have TV, game, apps and music categories on the tracker but those torrents are very limited. LOGIN HOME BROWSE CATEGORIES SUBTITLES SUBTITLES FORUMS RULES RATINGS Speed 7/10 Pre-time 6/10 Content 8/10 Community 6/10 Overall 7.8/10
  9. DESCRIPTION NZBSA a Usenet indexing site. It has two sections, one for manual indexing and one for automatic indexing. Since this is usenet you will get amazing speeds. HIGHLIGHTS Site Name : NZB-SA Site URL : http://www.nzbsa.co.za/ Signup Link / Application : Invite Only Type : Usenet indexing site Info (Special) : Not a torrent tracker SCREENSHOTS LOGIN HOME BROWSE FORUM RULES UPLOAD STATS RATINGS Speed : 10/10 Pretime : 8/10 Content : 9/10 Forum : * Overall : 8/10
  10. DESCRIPTION NinjaCentral is an open NZB site that has an ever-growing number of indexed files from various popular newsgroups. The site has multiple donation plans that give user upgrades to features. Initially, NinjaCentral also included torrents in their index but has now concentrated on indexing NZB files. The site has some pretty simple features and files are categorized well according to genre. HIGHLIGHTS Open NZB site (limited time only) Free Registration Multiple membership levels Invites given to donors Regular glitch updates Indexer runs every 15 minutes Privacy: No API Integrations: Sickbeard, CouchPotato, etc. RSS Feed Forum Access available for all TV Calendar available IRC Network: irc.rizon.net IRC Channel: #NinjaCentral FEATURES As mentioned NinjaCentral is an open NZB site but their doors are only open sometimes for a limited period and offer invites for members to share. The site has API access using keys for integration into SickBeard or CouchPotato and has RSS feeds. They have an active community on their forums for users who need additional information or have questions regarding their whole Usenet or NinjaCentral experience. Members also have to option to chat over IRC through an IRC client such as HexChat through the channel #NinjaCentral. NZB’s And Retention There is no retention information with NinjaCentral. Interface Like most popular NZB sites, NinjaCentral runs on Newznab, which is a Usenet indexing web application with community features. Their interface is very easy to use with files easily searched through a search box or through their category links. Search results are generated with file age, size, number of files, stats and category. NinjaCentral runs on a newznab-based platform and has an interface that is very easy to use. Their website has several menu options but does not seem cluttered. Main categories can easily be found and are labeled according to file types. There you can browse through NZB files and filter them according to specific subcategories. NinjaCental also has several folders available for users where they can keep their NZB files on queue or for collective downloading. Technical Details There aren’t any hardware details or other technical information with NinjaCentral, but they do have an uptime average of 98% over a period of a month and a fast response time of about 800 milliseconds. SCREENSHOTS LOGIN HOMEPAGE BROWSE TOP 10 DONATE UPTIME CONCLUSION Currently, NinjaCentral has an open registration, but according to them this is only for a limited time. They do provide invites to donors, who can give them away to other possible members. This open registration also occasionally unlocks, so make sure you check the NinjaCentral site once in a while. As for what they bring to the table, Ninja Central has some decent features that can compete well with other NZB sites. They have multiple donor plans that include a good amount of NZB grabs and API hits. However, the number of free NZBs for guest members are unknown. Nonetheless, NinjaCentral is a good and decent option for users even if they’re not the most popular NZB site around. NinjaCentral may not be as popular as some of the best NZB sites out there, but they do have some decent features. Their occasional open registration makes them readily available for a lot of users, although it is quite unclear how much NZB grabs and APIs free users are allowed to have daily. If you opt to upgrade as a donor, you get an impressive amount of grab limits and APIs. Although upon comparing them to other indexers, their basic yearly price is higher, so they have to impress users with their interface, features and overall service. Overall, NinjaCentral may not be the most popular or best NZB indexer around, but they definitely are a good and decent option.
  11. DESCRIPTION Formerly known as PirateNZB, SimplyNZB gives 10 invites to 50 random users every week. If you are unable to secure an invitation from this NZB site, you can purchase a pass with a minimum fee. SimplyNZB has good binary retention. They have a secured and automated website and a powerful search feature. HIGHLIGHTS Invite-only platform Free Account: 10 API and 5 NZBs daily Retention: 2145 days Integration: Sonarr, Headphones, Couchpotato, NZBGet, SABnzbd, etc. API and RSS: Available Privacy: SSL connection Ads: Limited Forum: None Invites: 10 per week Indexer: runs every 15 minutes INTERFACE SimplyNZB is a Newznab-based indexer. They have a dedicated page to see the status of the functions on the website. SimplyNZBs API is compatible with NZBGet and SABnzbd. You can download Music (headphones), Movies (Couchpotato and Sickbeard), Books, Softwares, and many more. The interface of the website is also friendly. Dark themes with light fonts complement each other. EASE OF USE SimplyNZBs works well with well-known software to make your download and browsing experience easier. The website has a standard interface and has clean-looking pages. SimplyNZBs has binary retention of 2145 days and is regularly growing, which is high compared to the other services. This means that users can see and download files that are uploaded from up to 5 years ago. NZB’s And Retention The retention of NZBs is up to 2,145 days. Technical Details The uptime average for SimplyNZBs is 97.88%, with an average 756 milliseconds response time. Downtime may sometimes last for up to 2 hours and 39 minutes. It has an API, and it’s a Newznab based website. SCREENSHOTS LOGIN HOMEPAGE IRC BROWSE GAMES UPTIME CONCLUSION SimplyNZB uses a Newznab interface, which makes it easy for browsing and downloading files. They have a high retention of binaries, and an upgrade to become a VIP user is not that pricey. The downside of this NZB site is that they are not open for registration and only users who receive an invitation can access the website (aside from those willing to pay). Other than that, it has features that we think are worth pursuing an invite for.
  12. DESCRIPTION Brothers of Usenet is an established NZB site catering mostly to German users. Brothers-of-Usenet.net - is the most popular German forum and NZB indexer site, long recognized for at the NZB community. This resource is closed; it is possible to check in only by invitation. Recently Brothers of Usenet invites has been opened very seldom, that is why it was nearly impossible to create your NZB account. There is a special option on our service, it is possible to buy a found account and quickly get an access to NZB files. This forum serving mainly German users generates every day hundreds pages of reviews with some thousands unique visitors per month. Although, the interface language is German, a quantity of participants from other countries is constantly growing, people can easily use online translator. The most valuable on NZB index is its plentiful content, which numbers hundreds thousands unique files. Users of the site are no need for torrents seeding as it is customary on private trackers. An interested person gets a direct reference for downloading a file. The section of computer games allows getting easily every account, nearly like on Gazellegames torrent tracker. There is a general quantity of topics, discussions and participants on the main page of the site. By the way, there is useful information for those, who wants to get an invite to NZB index. The administration often opens invites for holidays and, if you bustle on time, you can become a happy owner of an invite. The database of NZB files numbers thirty different categories, which are conveniently situated on different sections of the forum. This order makes a search quick and convenient. There is a list of the most popular sections that the NZB indexer offers. There is a large archives of films of different quality: SD, 720p, 1080p, Blu-Ray. There is a sport category, which has some enclosures – Football, Fighting, Motorsport and others. There is a so-called children territory where you can find and download cartoons, comics, anime, child films, educational and developing literature. There is even a large section for adults; it contains an impressive collection of NZB files of high-quality XXX videos. They are a popular German forum where users exchange NZB files. Unfortunately, Brothers of Usenet has shuts their doors for new registrants in the second week of December 2019. There are speculations that they now want to focus only on German-speaking users to have a more manageable community of members. Past issues have forced Brothers of Usenet to shut down in 2017 due to piracy investigations and they have been having technical issues with the backdrop system in 2020. However, it seems like everything is up and running seamlessly this past year with thousands of users still active on this nzb site. HIGHLIGHTS Not open for new registrants Privacy: SSL secured Integration: undisclosed Retention: undisclosed Language: Dutch and English FEATURES Brothers of Usenet has a background and structure similar to other Usenet boards. It was not coincidental because it is a cooperation between other German-speaking Usenet boards to counteract the unwanted distribution of their content. Terms and conditions, lists of codes, smilies, and cookie usage are posted on the front page of the website. It also has a preview of their latest number of discussions, messages, and members. Currently, the Brothers of Usenet have 35,931 members. The languages available are English and Dutch. NZB’s And Retention The website does not disclose its retention to binary. Interface The forum software of Brothers of Usenet is created by XenForo Ltd. The homepage of the website posts its total number of topics, discussions, and members. They also post the Terms of Use, Regulations, BB Codes, Smiles, and Cookie Usage to make their users informed with regards to their privacy policy. As of this writing, the Christmas forum has been activated on their homepage and hopefully they will open their doors for the holidays. The website is originally written in German, so you would either have translate via your browser or be able to read German. Additionally, the forum is protected via SSL connections. Technical Details The forum software of Brothers of Usenet is created by XenForo and other customized designers. It has a secured and private browsing technology regulated to its users and website as a whole. The average response rate of Brothers of Usenet is 5457 milliseconds, with an uptime response of 99%. Brothers-Of-Usenet has servers in the United States, and its platform is powered by a Cloudflare web server. SCREENSHOTS LOGIN HOMEPAGE CATEGORIES UPTIME CONCLUSION Brothers of Usenet is one of the most popular German forums and indexing sites there is. While their board is online, registration is currently closed. They are generating hundreds of page views daily with several thousand unique visitors per month. Brothers of Usenet also ranks very well in Alexa, and almost 99.1% of their visitors are from Germany. Unfortunately, most of the important information regarding this website is not publicly divulged. The site currently has no details on how many NZBs are available for download. We hope to see their website open its door soon. Brothers of Usenet is one of the oldest and largest forums in German-speaking countries. Over time, they were experiencing technical problems that resulted from its self-shutdown with its other allied providers from the police raid last 2017. Brothers of Usenet have loyal and supportive users, and it made the website an established entity. While it is close to registration at the moment, we hope the registration occurred in 2019 was not the last to board before the end of their term in 2023.
  13. DESCRIPTION Usenet-4all.pw / Usenet4all - is one of the most popular German NZB site, which has been existed since 2013. For the long time it has been the best German NZB indexer for inhabitants of Germany and those who look for German-language content. This resource has earned extraordinary reputation that is why now it works only by invites. If you want to become a member of this community, try to get an invite. The easiest and the fastest way to get it is to buy a Usenet4all invite. It will be not very expensive for so famous NZB indexer. Paying about 50 dollars, you become an owner of Usenet4all account, which is made by an invite reference from a real Internet user. Usenet4all has a convenient German-language interface, on which it will be easy to orient not only for professionals, but also for beginners, who signed up this site. The distinguishing feature of this NZB index is a large database of high quality content. Different categories are always available: films and series, music torrents, cartoons, soft for different platforms, e-literature – either fiction, or educational. Every interested person will find suitable content on this site. There is a section of educational literature for students and professors; there it is also possible to download courses in different subject. The category of HD videos has a special place on the navigation panel. Perhaps, it is the vastest section, which attracts many users. There it is possible to find your favorite films of high quality in all available formats, including Bluray and 4K. It is obligatory to see sections of anime and cartoons. These genres are always popular, and the administration tries to support them as much as possible. Sport fans can download many records of football, tennis, hockey, basketball and even billiards matches. A Usenet4all invite will provide you with an access to the largest base of German content NZB files. Usenet-4All has closed membership. Registration is only possible through an invite or the occasional open membership period. SCREENSHOTS LOGIN HOMEPAGE UHD RELEASES SEARCH CATEGORIES Rating Score Pre-time: 10/10 Content: 10/10 Community: 9.5/10 Overall: 10/10
  14. DESCRIPTION Online since 2012, NZBGrabit is one of the more popular NZB sites for community uploaders. It is free to register, and the website is well-optimized with its user-friendly features. NZBGrabit is known for its active and friendly community. Like many other indexers, they will require you to say friendly words or to thank the uploader before you get the link to the file. A quick introduction to the group is also necessary before they give you access to download NZB files. HIGHLIGHTS Search the site for NZB’s Forum based NZB site Quality is based on users Private Usenet search site Free to use for members Invitation required to join Privacy: SSL secured Open and free to register Up to 3000 days retention Up to 200 NZBs per day Unlimited invite for paid users Free: 5 .ZIP downloads with 10 days of retention Index updates every 15 minutes Arcade game, photo-editor on-site available Custom interface with a distinct style Three types of plan available Snappy checkout Hardware details: dedicated software API: No Ads: No FEATURES NZBGrabit is a community based NZB forum that launched in 2012 and has a good chance of being one of the top NZB sites in the future. The site is free but requires an invite so you might want to talk to friends and see if they can lend you a hand. Sites like NZBGrabit are different from automatic engines like Binsearch. They rely on members to drive the quality of the site and in turn build a community around the site. From what we’ve seen so far NZBGrabit may very well have a great future ahead of them. Not to be confused for a Usenet provider or newsreader software. Both of which you will need to download from Usenet. NZBGrabit will help you find what your looking for across millions of newsgroup posts without the need for downloading headers. NZB’s And Retention There are different types of memberships for NZBGrabit. However, the three major levels are free, VIP, and VIP plus. Free account users get a limit of 10 NZBs daily with retention of 20 days. VIP users get a limit 100 NZBs with retention of 1500 days. On the other hand, VIP plus users get a limit of 200 NZBs daily with retention of 2000 days. A Usenet Newsgroups Provider is a must to take advantage of NZBGrabit features. We recommend UsenetServer. Because UsenetServer has over 4,950 Days of Retention and continuously growing. Interface NZBGrabit has a custom made software based on VBulletin. The site developer has extensively modified the VBulletin script to help facilitate uploading and downloading. VBulletin is a popular forum program used by other community-based sites, and here it has been modified for use with NZB sites. As of writing, the website is now updated to its Halloween theme, and they post special offers for their loyal customers and newcomers. SCREENSHOTS LOGIN HOMEPAGE BROWSE MOVIES DONATION CONCLUSION As much as NZBGrabit is relatively a new NZBs indexer, its members and the number of NZBs available make it one of the popular platforms. Also, their popularity is highly attributed to their innovative uploading methods. Moreover, they have managed to motivate active members of their community to share their interesting NZB files. Some of the things you will like about NZBGrabit is their friendly and active community. The great selection of NZBs makes them worth considering. The only major problem with them is that they do not provide API calls and integration. Thus, you cannot integrate with automation software like SabNZBD or NZBGet.
  15. DESCRIPTION Kleverig.eu - is a free NZB service dedicated exclusively to sex videos and other romantic content for adults. The site is designed like a forum and allows users to easily search Usenet servers using keywords. Before downloading anything, you can check the entry's details and other users' comments on it to make sure that entry is indeed what you're looking for. Using Kleverig, you can get links to XXX videos and erotic photos. Kleverig can be accessed for free; a new account can be created at any time. However, newcomers can't do much on the forum. They won't have access to all the videos until they reach a particular rank. We offer Kleverig accounts that have the necessary ranks and can download 18+ videos from any category. It's much easier to buy an existing account and use the service without restrictions than to spend time following special rules for obtaining privileged access. The site is organized according to all the canons of a friendly interface. There is a convenient search, filtering, and sorting system with various options that allow you to select content you're interested in. There is an active forum with responsive participants who are always ready to help if you have any questions and suggestions. Kleverig is one of the best Usenet indexers. A premium account (Kleverig Supporter) gives you unlimited access to the service and a lot of advantages on the forum. HIGHLIGHTS Search by subject Search by category Detailed search results User feedback Search by new posts Free and paid premium FEATURES Kleverig is a NZB service that specializes in romantic content. This forum style NZB service allows you to search by your specific interests-subject keyword or allows you to search through their forum as well. After the Usenet search results are processed, you can check the details and user comments to see if it matches the topic of your interests. Not to be confused for a Usenet provider or newsreader software. Both of which you will need to download from Usenet. Search statistics: Search through thousands of NZB files with detailed feedback Search options: Search by subject Search by category Search by username Search by new posts Search by threads Kleverig filter options: Filter thread by date Filter thread by number of replies Filter thread by category Sort thread searches How to use Kleverig: Search for your subject of interests on the search bar provided by the Kleverig.nl site. Once you receive your NZB search results, select the file to reveal the details of the post. If it is the particular subject you are looking for, you can select the NZB link included in the post (if available). Depending on your computer’s settings, the NZB file should automatically save to your computer or automatically be opened by your newsreader for download. Kleverig has free and premium paid service: Kleverig is a free usenet search service but the premium level account (Kleverig Supporter) gives you unlimited usage of the service and opens up other options in the forum such as deleting own posts and threads, Using an image in your signature, be invisible to others, private message, receipt requests, send a private message up to 10 people at once, and a larger private message inbox. You can become a premium member by donating at least 5 Euros. SCREENSHOTS LOGIN HOMEPAGE FORUM 0-DAY CATEGORIES BROWSE RULES RATINGS Pre-time: 9/10 Content: 10/10 Community: 9/10 Overall: 9.5/10
  16. DESCRIPTION NZB.su is a well-known NZB site that has strong hardware specs. It is an automated Usenet platform that uses the Newznab technology. NZB.su is an open NZB site and does not require invites to register and access their site. Paid accounts are also available and opens up additional features and upgrades the membership level to more NZB grabs and API hits. While their free level has its limits, they are still very generous and reasonable. They have been around since 2012. NZB.su is an amazing NZB Site. They are always planning ways for improvement and another NZB site with both strong hardware specs. It is a totally automated Usenet NZB platform that tackles the Newsnab technology. According to our NZB.su Review as of now accepts new members, requiring just a sign-up to get a free-level client account. Paid accounts aren’t costly relative to other sites, but do have NZB grab and API hit limits. Those limits, however, are very reasonable. NZB.su is a well-known NZB Site for Usenet fans. Be sure to purchase the Best Usenet Service Provider to complement your NZB.su account. UsenetServer is the perfect fit for your.NZB.su account. They offer free and paid membership. On the off chance that you were trying to find a NZB Site invite they are difficult to find. You might want to consider NZB.su. You can download 5 NZB’s a day for nothing or pay for an exceptional enrollment and download up to 500 NZB records a day. Search that 900 days of binary retention in well-known newsgroups. You can look for any topic of interest, and the site will return result alongside the age of the post, file size, and newsgroup. NZB.su Not to be mistaken for a Usenet provider or newsreader programming. Both of which you should download from Usenet. NZB.su will enable you to discover what you’re searching over a huge number of newsgroup posts without the requirement for downloading headers. HIGHLIGHTS Well-known Newznab-based Site Search 900+ days of binaries Search by subject, keyword Popular site with clean layout Private Usenet search site Free to use for members Free Account No API/5 Downloads every Day VIP Account 5000 API Hits and 450 NZB Grabs for each Day Retention – more than 2000 days of binary Approximately 50 Groups Crawled Indexer runs at regular intervals Ads for Free Users Forum for VIP Invites: N/A IRC: No Integrations: SabNZBD, NZBVortex, Couchpotato. Headphones not permitted. Privacy: SSL Hardware details: Not Given. Payment Options: Credit Cards and Bitcoin FEATURES Popular Newznab-based NZB site Invites unnecessary Free account level upon registration VIP account upgrades Clean layout Light or Dark template choice for VIPs Approximately 50 groups crawled Indexer runs at regular intervals Ads exist for free members Forums open to VIP members Privacy: SSL 2000 days of binary retention RSS Feeds API Integrations with SabNZBd, NZBVortex, CouchPotato, etc. Headphones not allowed NZB’s And Retention NZB.su has over 2000 days of binary, with approximately 50 groups crawled. Interface NZB.su uses Newznab as their indexing application, which gives users a site that is easy to use and navigate. Members can search by subject and results are shown with post title, file age, size, number of files and newsgroup. Each type of file is also categorized well, making it better for users to find what they need. Technical Details The indexer runs every 15 minutes and has an uptime average of 99%. Average response time is at 375 milliseconds. Site API and RSS key can be found on a user’s profile once registered with a VIP account. SCREENSHOTS LOGIN HOMEPAGE CATEGORIES DONATION UPTIME CONCLUSION NZB.su has a very simple interface which would appeal to a lot of users. Another good thing that this NZB site has going for them is their features that go along with their competitive pricing. Paying members also have the option to avail of the VIP membership on a 6-month basis instead of a full year. All in all, with the number of files they have indexed the easy-to-use platform, decent pricing and different features make NZB.su a service worth exploring.
  17. DESCRIPTION NzbPlanet is one of the best NZB sites around. NzbPlanet has been around since 2012. It is fully automated and works on Newsnab platform. They depend on their members to drive the quality of their community based NZB forum. They have over 200k members and over two million NZBs. Its popularity is attributed to premium features like built-in calendar, which shows upcoming releases. The fact that it offers limited free membership has made it a top choice among users. You will also need a Best Usenet Service Provider, our choice is UsenetServer they have everything you need in a Usenet Provider NZBPlanet has made a mark as a popular NZB site for its premium features, like built-in calendar and upcoming releases. This Newznab-based site has a large community of members that draws outstanding quality in its NZB forum. NZBPlanet has been a top ranking NZB site for several years now, mainly for its features and the competitive pricing they have. They have a limited access free membership level and VIP accounts that give full access to the site’s features. They have over 200,000 members in their community and over 2 million NZBs indexed. Currently, the site is invite-only. To be able to fully download NZB files through a Usenet client, make sure you have a subscription with a reliable Usenet service provider. HIGHLIGHTS Invite-only 0 NZBs per day for Free members Free trial is only for 24 hours Multiple paid accounts - VIP, Platinum, Lifetime Bitcoin accepted 2 million NZBs indexed Over 300 newsgroups crawled Ads exist for free accounts API Integrations with SabNZBD, NZBGet, etc. Fully automated and works on Newznab platform Indexer is updated every 15 minutes Security: SHA-1 SSL Certificate Built-in Calendar Shows upcoming releases FEATURES Being relatively a new project, it has several cool features. The platform is free to use, but you are required to register first. The registration has been free for the last few years. You never know, in the future it may be through invites only. You can use this platform for free with few limitations. The major limitation is getting a maximum of 10 NZBs per day and retention of 200 days. However, with a VIP membership, you can get many NZBs as much as you want, access to the forum, and API key. The following is a list of all Nzbplanet features: • More than two million NZBs • Free membership with a limit of 10 NZBs daily and retention of 200 days • VIP Membership with 5,000 API calls per day and Unlimited NZBs for only $12. • VIP accounts have a retention of more than 1,500 days of binary. • More than 300 groups crawled • Ads for free accounts • Indexer is updated every 15 minutes • Forum • API integrations with NZBget, SabNZBD, and more through API system • HTTPS used • Credit and Bitcoin payment options accepted NZB’s And Retention Free users get 5 NZBs per day with retention of 200 days. On the other hand, VIP account holders get retention of over 1,500 days of binary. Pricing & Payment Options. NZBPlanet.net lists files that are stored in Usenet newsgroups. So, when you search for something on NZBPlanet, you get an NZB file which is a list of links to files on Usenet. They don’t host any files themselves. So, you need an account with an Usenet Newgroups provider like UsenetServer because they have over 4,092 Days of Retention. Interface NZBPlanet works on a Newznab platform, which is a popular and most-used Usenet indexing web application with community features. The NZBPlanet interface is pretty easy to use and has the basic features to make searching for NZB files convenient. One of the best things with the site is their forum, which is divided into several discussion boards for quick access. NZB files, on the other hand, are categorized by file type and can be easily browsed through. Forums The forum is one of the best things Nzbplanet provides. The forum is divided into six areas or discussion boards: Recent posts NZBplanet board Community News Reviews Usenet & Newsgroups At recent posts, you can see what is being discussed by members. At the community, you can enjoy general chats and get to meet other members. Simply, the forum can help you learn a lot and seek guidance. SCREENSHOTS LOGIN HOMEPAGE BROWSE FORUM DONATE UPTIME CONCLUSION A good selection of NZB files and a rapid server makes NZBPlanet a dependable NZB site. Their multiple membership levels allow them to address the needs of different types of users from beginners to heavy downloaders. NZBPlanet also has a lifetime rate, which not all NZB indexers offer. However, their free account does not give users free nzb downloads. The free membership is mainly for site exploration. Having that said, this NZB site still has been considered as one of the better NZB indexers out there, which makes them worth checking out.
  18. DESCRIPTION Nzb.cat / NZBCat - is a dedicated NZB website. It is available to users only by invites. It has a huge database that contains more than a million indexed files. The files belong to a wide list of categories, such as movies, TV series, music, books, sports, HD videos, software for various devices, and much more. NZB.cat like most indexers, it is a very good alternative to private trackers. You don't need to create a rating or increase downloads on this site. And all sections and categories of data are available to users. It happens that it is much more profitable to buy an account on the NZB site and get access to a high-quality section of TV series than to wait for invitations to a private tracker to appear Broadcasthe.net. After all, this is extremely rare. NZBCat indexes content on the Usenet network using automatic algorithms. Users can use the web interface to search and view specific NZBs. They can add Usenet downloads to any app. This allows users to get the content it links to. NZBCat has proven itself since 2014. It has become one of the most reliable NZB indexers in the Usenet community. Since the release, the site has not been disabled. It offers a good response rate. And the indexer runs every 15 minutes. This means that users can access the most recent files added to the database. We can highlight some of the features inherent in this NZB indexer. Access to the site is by invitation only. There are more expensive invites with VIP membership. In addition, there are several levels of membership. A user can make a donation as a member to get VIP privileges. There are no annoying ads on NZBcat, which is a big plus. And binary files are stored for more than 600 days. Folders with files are available for participants and VIPs, new releases are available in all genres. There is also an internal forum and chat page. And there is an option for advanced search. All user files can be placed in their own folders, such as "My movies" and "My shows". FEATURES You can use the web-based front end to search and browse for a specific NZB. Once downloaded, you can add it to any number of Usenet download applications to get the content the NZB refers to. They recommend using SABnzbd and integrate it with NZBCat so they can directly send NZBs instead of users downloading them and then uploading them. You can also integrate NZBCat to Sonnarr, Sickrage and CouchPotato. Invites and forums are also only open to paying members, but SSL encryption is available to any member registered regardless if you’re using a paid account or a free membership. NZB's AND RETENTION There is no retention information on the NZBCat website but upon research, we found that NZBCat has a retention of 500 days. INTERFACE NZBCat has a nZEDb based interface which is easy to use and navigate. NZB downloads are categorized well and can either be downloaded right away, put on cart or sent to the queue. TECHNICAL DETAILS NZBCat has an uptime average of 98% and an average response time of 141 milliseconds. Use https://nzb.cat as the URL for API use. SCREENSHOTS LOGIN HOMEPAGE BROWSE VIEW NZB FORUM CATEGORIES CONCLUSION Although NZBCat is not an open use website and requires an invitation from current users, they occasionally offer free invites when you try to register. The site has a high number of NZBs, 1000 downloads and API calls for contributors and 5000 downloads and API calls for VIPs, which makes them a site worth joining.
  19. DESCRIPTION Newz-complex.org mainly indexes German NZBs, but also has a lot of files available for gamers. Currently, their administrators have disabled registration on their website. Newz-complex.org was previously offline back in November 2017 and has recently been up and running again. However, this NZB site does not allow new members to register to their site. To be able to get into Newz-complex.org, you would need to contact their site admin. Once you are able to get in, you can get access to a decent number of NZB files mainly from German newsgroups. HIGHLIGHTS German NZB Indexer Registration disabled Invites: Inquire with Admin German Newsgroups crawled 2 Membership levels: Free & VIP No Advertisements Integrations: SabNZBD, NZBGet, Sonarr, CouchPotato, NZB Vortex, etc. Active Forum Spam-free Indexes Privacy: SSL FEATURES Newz-complex.org is a German NZB indexer that has German newsgroups crawled. Currently, the site is not open for registration, but it may be possible to get an invitation from the sites admin. The website does not run any advertisements and has no IRC capabilities. However, they have an active forum community to help users engage and seek help with the entire process of downloading files or with Usenet in general. Newz-complex.org is SSL enabled which guarantees privacy and security and with their indexer running every 15 minutes, you get the most updated files available. Both free and VIP members also get a decent amount of NZB grabs and API hits and they have integrations with SabNZBD, NZBGet, Sonarr, CouchPotato, NZBVortex, etc. Interface Newz-complex.org has a very simple interface that can easily be navigated through even by new users. Files are categorized well and includes a lot of NZBs that cater to gamers. Mainly focused on German NZB files, Newz-complex.org has several German newsgroups crawled on their website. They also have a forum page that can be very useful for their members. Technical Details Hardware details and technical information are not disclosed. Since the site has been online again, they have had an uptime average of 98%. SCREENSHOTS LOGIN SEARCH BROWSE CATEGORIES CONCLUSION Newz-complex.org is a good option as far as German NZB indexers are concerned. They have a decent number of German files coming from their crawled newsgroups that offer a variety of file types, including a lot of NZBs catered to gamers. What is especially nice about this NZB site is that they keep spams out of their indexer, which guarantees users quality downloads. However, to be able to enjoy all their features, you would need to secure an invite from their admin. Once you’re in, you can either explore as a free member with limited NZB downloads and API hits or upgrade to a donor level and enjoy a lot more downloads and APIs. All in all, Newz-complex.org is a pretty convenient and competent indexer that would be enjoyed the most by those looking for German NZBs.
  20. DESCRIPTION NZBFinder is a community-based NZB forum that is well-known as one of the top NZB sites in the Usenet industry. NZBFinder indexes high-quality audio, video groups, SD release, books and other miscellaneous files. They are a community based NZB forum that has both free search and premium accounts. Like other Usenet search engines, NZBFinder indexes Usenet content, and they specialize in providing high-quality and popular NZBs. Their free membership level allows you to search the site, but with limited features. Paid members get a lot more API hits and unlimited downloads. NZBFinder is a Newznab based site which makes it easy to use for beginners and familiar to experienced users. They specialize in providing popular NZB files from high-quality audio, video groups, SD releases and books. Recently, NZBFinder has made several updates on their user interface including the reduction of size of all their assests which makes their system load faster even on slower connections. Aside from this they’ve included a two-factor authentication feature to secure your account, dark mode feature, boxed or full width layout option and a responsive design which works for both iOS and Android. HIGHLIGHTS Open NZB site High-quality content Multiple membership levels (Free & Paid Accounts) Unlimited downloads for paying members Spotweb for Elite Accounts Retention–over 3600 days of binary Continuously running indexer Advanced search option Newsgroup browsing Popular downloads for premium accounts RSS Feeds Recommended Integration: Sonarr (TV), Radarr (Movies) and Lidarr Privacy: SSL Mobile Support Updated interface FEATURES With their most recent updates, new features and fixes include: New reporting panel for easier and faster report releases Revamped movies page Improved readability Fixed movie genres bug No longer supports Windows XP Plugin, NZB Unity stopped working due to new interface. Plugin maybe updated manually if maintainer of NZBUnity has not yet pushed new version. With NZBFinder, you only get high quality video and audio files. You get access to 500,000+ NZBs with almost no fakes or garbage. They are an open site, which means there is no need for invites to access their service. Their site is 100% SSL secured and is extremely fast. NZBFinder is also compatible with the following software: Sonarr, Radar, Lidar NZBHydra 2 Sickrage, SickGear, Sickbeard CouchPotato Headphones Mylar & LazyLibrarian 100% Newznab Compatible NZBFinder also has an IRC channel (#NZBFinder) on SynIRC if there are any questions you need to ask or concerns you need to raise. NZB’s And Retention NZBFinder has a retention of over 3600 days of binary. Account Features NZBFinder has several membership levels. You can search the site for free once registered, but you will have certain limitations. APIs differ depending on your membership level. You may pay for their service via credit cards, Bitcoin or prepaid gift cards. Interface NZBFinder is a newznab-based site that has a simple interface that can be easily navigated and explored even by the most beginner of users. They provide enough information on software configuration and have a Newznab compatible API that works well with a lot of apps. You can explore the site through several approaches like the usual search box, or use their advanced search and popular download link. Technical Details NZBFinder runs on a cluster of servers in the cloud, assuring that their website is fast. Their average response time is 1280 milliseconds and has an uptime of 99%. For software configuration, they provide this information on their site once you’ve registered to their service. SCREENSHOTS LOGIN HOMEPAGE BROWSE UPTIME CONCLUSION With its multiple membership levels, NZBFinder is a good option for different types of NZB users. The most novice users can easily navigate the site. NZBFinder also has a fairly extensive library and an impressive computing power. All in all, NZBFinder is a great NZB site in terms of ease of use and pricing flexibility. You get a decent amount of free NZB downloads and API hits as a free member, and with their other three premium accounts, you get a lot more APIs and unlimited downloads, which would be perfect for heavy users. Plus, you get access to Spotweb if you avail of their highest membership level. While NZBFinder is limited in terms of type of files which excludes games and consoles, this NZB site is still and great indexer that has high-quality audio and video content as well as book and miscellaneous files. Overall, NZBFinder is a great site for its content, convenience and flexible pricing.
  21. DESCRIPTION Miatrix is currently an open NZB site that has integration with popular downloaders and has a broad selection of newsgroups that you can get files from. Online since 2013, Miatrix aims to continuously grow their community at a limited pace. This allows them to keep the quality of posts and content on their site and keep spammers and potential hackers out. Having said this, registration with Miatrix is currently open but only for a limited time and they’ve announced that they will eventually function as an invite-only site. Miatrix was established in 2013. They want their community to grow, but the membership remains limited. This makes them manage and secure the site to potential hackers and spams. With the integration of established downloaders, this website is worth a try. MIATRIX HIGHLIGHTS Growing NZB site Limited Trial Membership Multiple Paid Membership levels 5 million releases Over 150 groups crawled Retention: 2000 Days Integrations with SABnzbd, Sickbeard, CouchPotato 2.0, Headphones, etc. IRC Chat on SynIRC: #miatrix Privacy: HTTPS enforced & No IP logging No advertisement TV Calendar & Top Downloads Forums available FEATURES Miatrix is a free-to-register site. It has different forums to communicate, support downloads, and sharing of files. It is SSL encrypted, and they do not log your IP address when browsing. Retention ranges from 365 days to unlimited, with over five million uploads to choose from. In addition, Miatrix has a total of 157 Usenet groups. Miatrix has a calendar, guidelines for new users, onsite chat, and you can see the status of your account in the uppermost corner of the page. Miatrix accepts payment via Paypal. If you have other concerns, you can reach them through their support form or email them at support@miatrix.com. NZB’s And Retention Retention varies from the account type you choose. Retention for members to lifetime ranges from 365 days to unlimited. Interface Newznab is known for its simple and clear interface. With its no advertisement feature, Newznab makes Miatrix effective for searching NZB files. Fonts and style complement each other while the menus and download options are easy to navigate on the left side of the page. Technical Details Miatrix has an API. The average uptime result for this website is 99% with a total response average of 372 milliseconds. Hardware details are not disclosed, but headphones, couchpotato, and sickbeards are some of the downloaders integrated into this website. The site is SSL encrypted and all information within the database is indexed by an automated process with no human intervention. SCREENSHOTS LOGIN HOMEPAGE FORUM UPTIME CONCLUSION Miatrix is a young and limited membership Usenet index site. Anyone familiar with how the newznab work will be familiar with its no-frills interface. The price for the average membership is somehow pricey compare to other providers but with is 5 million releases and growing, Miatrix is definitely worth checking.
  22. DESCRIPTION DogNZB has been in existence since 2013; it has been the best NZB site for quite a long while now. They have an exceptional reputation so now they have done invite only. On the off chance that you can get an invite you now will need to pay in any event $20 for the year or $50 for 3 years. DogNZB is well known in for good reasons as they have a pleasant custom easy to utilize interface with lots of content. DogNZB has an interface that will be easy to navigate for individuals who know Newznab. The site additionally has a dynamic forum. Video, sound and other content are classified by resolution, with an exceptional section for foreign videos. DogNZB offers exactly what the name says, NZBs only, and doesn’t really have any content on the site. You’ll need to have a USENET provider subscription to download any content utilizing the NZB files from DogNZB. We recommend UsenetServer for your Newsgroups Usenet Provider. DogNZB as of now has more than 2,500 days of retention. The search feature is easy to utilize and allows for special search characters with the goal that you can discover exactly what you’re searching for by filtering. If you do discover something that you like, you can bookmark it right on the site. In case you’re a member of the site, you can access the API. This enables you to utilize DogNZB with programs like NZBDrone, Sickbeard, and CouchPotato. The site additionally works with SABnzbd push. This requires a touch of router configuration, yet clients of SABnzbd may find that it makes it significantly more helpful for them to get the content that they want. Users on the site report couple of issues. The watchlist feature has gotten praise from a few users and appears to discover and download content rapidly. In case you’re interested in just glancing around, the browse features are very easy to utilize and should give a lot of content to become mixed up if you can’t figure out exactly what you’re looking for. Users usually get one invite a half year after they’ve signed up for the site. At present, however, invitations are solidified as DogNZB no longer accepts PayPal. The invitations ought to go back online when the main payment method is set up on the website, yet users can utilize Bitcoin to get setup at present. The instructions are simple straightforward and using Bitcoin is really less demanding than it’s at any point been. DOGNZB HIGHLIGHTS Invite Only. Popular with Good content and great UI. Free Account – 50 Downloads/50 API calls. VIP Account – $20 Year for Unlimited NZB downloads. Retention – more than 2500 days of binary. Over 400 groups crawled. Indexer runs every 15 minutes. Minimal Ads. Active Forum. 1 Invite per every 6 months of membership. IRC Channel. API Integrations with SabNZBD, NZBGet, and so on. Payment Options: Credit Card and Bitcoin. Watchlist Functionality. IMDb/Trakt Watchlist Sync for VIPs. Remote Push or Remote Queue Functionality for VIPs. Custom Search RSS for VIPs. Desktop or Mobile Push Notifications for VIPs. Bookmarks Will Be Purged after 30 days unless VIP. FEATURES NZB’s And Retention Retention can be described as the number of day’s newsgroup articles providers keeps up uploaded content on their servers before it gets expired. Remember that news servers are continually refreshed, and that can add up a couple of Terabytes every day. It is absurd to have adequate space to store all that. After some time, they expire to build space. If you need a Usenet Service Provider? We recommend DogNzb in light of the fact that they have all that anyone could need Terabytes of limit concerning articles and expanding. They offer 2,500 days of binary retention, and they are consistently growing. Free Account Features As a free member, you are restricted to 50 downloads and 50 API calls each day. Likewise, NZB grabs are restricted. Fortunately, you get limitless access to the community forum. However, free enrollment is supported by free ads. Paid Account Features As A VIP account holder, you are qualified for a couple of features. For instance, you pay $20 every Year for Unlimited NZB downloads. Frankly, you can even download in bulk. Besides, there is a bookmark choice. This makes it possible for you to keep up a list of your decision. There are no disturbing ads. Likewise, you have unlimited access to VIP forum and VIP NZBs. API Integrations The API key is made after the clients fill out RSS form that appears on the account detail page. At the forum, you can make sense of how you can get your API to work with Sonarr. A part of the API combinations you can get included NZBGet, Sonarr, SabNZBD, Couchpotato, and more. Free account holders get a most outrageous of 50 API calls a day. Of course, VIP account holders get unlimited API calls each day. Security As indicated above, DogNZB uses SSL security. This is a way they are committed to ensuring your security and privacy. Note that they don’t record your IP addresses and your IP address can’t be available for public viewing. Furthermore, they needn’t bother with a valid email address when you join. In any case, the information posted on the forum is clients post public as a considerable amount of it. Everything considered they are not responsible for what you readily uncover to people in general. In this way, you are at your risk. Much the same as other NZB indexers, they can’t guarantee the misfortune, unapproved access, unapproved access that will never happen. SCREENSHOTS LOGIN BROWSE SEARCH FORUM CONCLUSION DogNZB certainly has a considerable measure letting it all out. The Bitcoin sign up option is an awesome feature for those who want to stay as unknown as could reasonably be expected, obviously. With another main payment provider, the site ought to be opening up for registrations yet again. If you have a companion on the site, they won’t have the ability to welcome you at this moment, but rather it’s very worth requesting an invite when DogNZB makes them accessible once more. Content increases quickly and is easy to access, and the site integrates well with PVR and other USENET programming.
  23. BitSpyder | BS | E-Learning | 2022 Review Tracker Name: Bitspyder Tracker URL: http://bitspyder.net Tracker Genre: E-Learning Tracker Type: Ratio Based Maintaining Ratio: Easy Bonus System: No Tracker Signup: Invite Only Tracker IRC: http://bitspyder.net/temp_chat.php Tracker Description Bitspyder is a private torrent tracker created on 2006 that focuses on E-Learning content. The tracker has more than 53,000 members and nearly 17,000+ torrents. Bitspyder has very good content & nice Speeds/Pre-times. You'll hear that it's one the best choices for E-Learning content, because it's easy to join & really will Fulfill your needs! Donor accounts will never expire due to inactivity. If you have been warned , all your current warnings will be removed by donation. Accounts accessing through Public proxy servers will be Banned without any notice, Be careful. Write your password in somewhere safe if you think that maybe you gonna forget it, because IRC is hard to work with. HOME BROWSE SEARCH REQUEST RATINGS Pre-times: 7.5/10 Speed: 8/10 Content: 9/10 Community: 8/10 Overall: 8.5/10
  24. World-In-HD | WiHD | HD | 2022 Review TRACKER NAME : World-In-HD TRACKER URL : World-In-HD.Net CATEGORY : HD TRACKER TYPE : Ratio Based TRACKER SIGN UP : Closed/Invites Only BONUS : Yes BANNED COUNTRY : None Tracker Description World-in-hd.net / WorldinHD / WiHD - is the best French private tracker in the HD video category. It is an analogue of the famous elite resource HDBits.org but in the French version. It’s very difficult to get to WiHD, like all closed high-level trackers. Most of the content is presented in French, but there is also a lot of English material. The bulk of torrents are high-definition films with French voice acting. In addition, there is a section with series, documentaries and popular entertainment programs. Fans of anime and cartoons will also not be offended, for them there is a separate section on the tracker. The WorldinHD tracker is equally good both for the local audience and for English-speaking users. The resource interface can be configured in English, and most video content has an additional English track. This explains the high popularity of this site around the world. WiHD is a BitTorrent tracker of French origin, but this does not mean that the site is useless for those who do not speak French. It offers participants a significant number of English releases along with French content, including Blu Ray movies, Blu-ray remux, as well as 720p and 1080p TV shows, documentaries, animations, music shows and music videos. As a closed community, WiHD is almost always closed for free registration. You can get to this tracker if you buy an invite in our store, although this is not a cheap pleasure, but it's worth. BROWSE HOME CATEGORIES RATINGS CONTENT : 10/10 PRE TIME : 10/10 SPEED : 10/10 COMMUNITY : 9/10 OVERALL : 10/10
  25. Superbits | SB | General | 2022 Review Tracker Name : Superbits Tracker URL : https://superbits.org/ Tracker Genre: General Tracker Type : Ratio Based Tracker Signup : Invite Bonus System : Yes Seed Difficulty : Easy Irc : NA Banned Countries : NA TRACKER DISCRIPTION SuperBits is a general swedish tracker for Movies,TV Shows,Apps,Ebooks and Music. The site language a mix of swedish and english butmostly swedish, and can be translated easily by chrome translator. Movies & TV Shows are avaialble with subtiltes & audio of swedish,danish,norwagian and finnish beside english They have their teams:VHS,CDB,DBRETAIL,RAPiDCOWS and FFS. If you have downloaded 10 GB or more, your ratio must stay above 0.5, if not you will get automatically a warning,then will get 5 days to get over 0.5 otherwise they will deactivate your account. They have a Leechbonus system,which is built to reward long time seeding with a larger number of active torrents in the client. It doesn't judge the upload speed of your internet. HOME BROWSE SEARCH RATINGS Pre -times : - / 10 Speed : 6 / 10 Content : 7 / 10 Community : 6 / 10 Overall : 6 / 10
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