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  3. Old Toons World News Full site [Free] in effect! Time range: 2022-11-09 00:00:00 ~ 2022-11-30 00:00:00
  4. The website has enabled 4K re-encoding and suppression, please download and have a look, which version do you like? HDR version: https://pt.btschool.club/details.php?id=89647&hit=1 SDR version: https://pt.btschool.club/details.php?id=89649&hit=1 Conditional members, please Download 2 versions, watch the decoding on TV or hard disk player smoothly? How about the color and brightness of the picture? Feedback on the seed page, thank you.
  5. A few days ago our f************** *************** ****************** ****riend, a member of the crew polarny passed away. Unfortunately, he lost the fight against brain cancer. Many users have come into contact with him in some way, many of you have known him. He still tops the TOP 10 Senders list with nearly 6.5 PB (6,500 terabytes) of data sent. We will miss you, high transfers buddy, wherever you are right now ..
  6. VPN whitelisting will be required as of 01.01.2023 UPDATE: If you are using a VPN or proxy to access Nebulance, please read this news post as it affects you. Users found to be excessively jumping countries, or switching vpns within 24hrs may be disabled sooner. Please take this time to submit for your vpn to be whitelisted rather than having to do so via irc!
  7. Modification of Site Preferential Policy In order to encourage everyone to develop and keep seeds, the discount strategy for new species is now revised as follows: New species have a great probability of getting FREE, new species have a small probability of getting 2XFREE, new species have a small probability of getting 2X50% discount after it takes effect At the end of 24 hours, it will become 50% after the end. Please participate in the distribution and preservation of seeds.
  8. The site has been recruiting tablet presses for a long time, and everyone is welcome to sign up to join!Please click the link to view the recruitment details, and look forward to your joining! https://gainbound.net/forums.php?act...page=last#last
  9. For those of you using Utorrent 3.5.5 you will notice that as from today your client no longer works and in the tracker tab will be a notice informing you that the client is banned and to check the homepage for approved clients. Below is the information from the homepage. The approved clients are clickable download links. For those downgrading simply closes your client, make sure it is fully closed, check your taskbar near the clock and if the Utorrent icon is still there, right click and select exit. When you install the approved version of Utorrent everything should run automatically and inform you that a newer version is installed do you wish to continue. Select yes and if you are prompted for a default download location ensure its the same location as all your torrents you were seeding. The approved version will then pickup on all your torrents and begin to seed them with the approved version. Any issues, please see this thread https://tc-boxing.com/forums.php?act...p415222#415222 Short list of what clients are approved so that if you were using any of the banned clients you have a few options below. NOTE: Just because its not in the list at the moment doesn't mean its not approved, just don't go using some funky client that's going to cause you to be flagged as a cheater and please don't use mobile phone clients. BitTornado-0.3.17 BitTorrent 6.0 Deluge 1.3.1 Deluge 1.3.5 Deluge 1.3.6 Deluge 1.3.11 rTorrent 0.8.1 > 0.9.2 qBittorrent (both Pc and Mac) Transmission 2.03 uTorrent 1.6.1 Build 490 uTorrent 1.8.7 Build 43796 MAC uTorrent 2.2.0 Build 23071 uTorrent 2.2.1 Build 25154 uTorrent 3.2.2 Build 28500 The following clients are now banned from the tracker. ABC ACEStream (all versions) Ares AzTorrent (all versions) Azureus Azureus Azureus Azureus BiglyBT (all versions) BitComet (all versions) BitLord (all versions) FDM (all versions) Freebox BitTorrent (all versions) Frostwire Folx (all versions) GnomeBT Go-http-client (all versions) KTorrent (all versions) MediaGet2 (all versions) Torrex (all versions) uTorrent 3.5.5 (all versions) Zona All mobile clients If you are found using any of these clients your download rights will be revoked immediately.
  10. Welcome, dear torrenter. We would like to introduce you to a newly opened download page. Which goes by the name Bit Of Valor . We don't want to spoil it too much, come and see us. You are greeted by a pleasant environment that is pleasing to the eye. I don't advertise, you watch it and if you like it, stay with us. Sincerely, the Bit Of Valor team.
  11. Support! Dear users. Each support reward will be credited 2x plus 48 hours of individual support We will provide freeleech to the sponsor Until November 20.
  12. Aftermath of Portugal's 2nd Anniversary We have reached the end of the week celebrating the 2nd anniversary of Portugas. On our Discord , we've been giving away 1.2 million Points, 1.25 TiB Upload, 87 Invites, 87 Freeleech Chips and 156 VIP Days for 30 unique winners! A community-sponsored giveaway with Xbox Game Pass and CrunchyRoll Premium subscriptions, as well as a 30-Day VIP, is also available until 8:30 pm tomorrow. There is still time to join Discord and participate 🇧🇷 We will have more news soon 🇧🇷 Thank you all for another year, may many more come 🇧🇷 The Portuguese administration.
  13. Dear Users! We are announcing a top-up promotion on the site! From 10.11.2022 to 20.11.2022. until 0:00 for every Program and every Game upload (Only!) the uploader receives the size of the torrents as the amount of upload data, as well as 3,000 bonus points. :stone: Attention :!: The above discounts are valid only and exclusively in case of correct uploading! We ask everyone to read the upload policy carefully and upload accordingly! Otherwise, we will be forced to mark the given torrent as faulty, and in some cases it may result in immediate deletion. - eStone Staff -
  14. Tracker's Name: Old Toons World Genre: Anime Sign-up Link: https://oldtoons.world/signup.php Closing date: At 5k users Additional information: Old Toons World is a new cartoon torrent tracker. It's new so at this moment there are no users registered. 709 torrents available at this moment, all torrents are freeleech in the first 2 weeks. Accounts can be created here: https://oldtoons.world/signup.php Cheers!
  15. Welcome, dear torrenter. We would like to introduce you to a newly opened download page. Which goes by the name Bit Of Valor . We don't want to spoil it too much, come and see us. You are greeted by a pleasant environment that is pleasing to the eye. I don't advertise, you watch it and if you like it, stay with us. Sincerely, the Bit Of Valor team.
  16. Dear Users! Tomorrow, November 9, from 17:00, there will be a quiz on the message board! We look forward to welcoming you all!
  17. Tracker's Name: ImmortalSeed Genre: General Sign-up Link: https://immortalseed.me/signup.php Closing date: unknown Additional information: mmortalSeed (IS) is a general private torrent tracker suitable for those who are new to the private trackers world. You will mostly get movies and TV shows, but other contents can also be found--such as games, music, applications, ebooks, anime, etc. XXX,
  18. hd-space News Site is in free invitation mode. We are giving you 3 free invitations to invite your friends from here. The free invitation mode will over after 4days 23 hours
  19. ABTorrents News FreeLeech ON
  20. For almost 2 years, I have bared the cost to keep PJs online and serving up torrents. I had hoped that over time, running PJs, that members would leech and seed and we could build a friendly, ratio based site, without all the issues found on other sites. Unfortunately, that just did not happen. With the rising costs and the lack of onsite participation, I simply can not afford the few thousand dollars a month it takes to keep her open any longer, and have decided to close down instead of begging for donations. The site that provides all the content for PeerJunkies has offered to take members that may need a new home, or just looking for a source site without the hassle of account upkeep. You do not have to go there but I wanted to leave those who would like a extremely private, secure and invite-only tracker, a place to call home. These guys have been around for over 7 years and in total, over 20 years servicing the torrenting community. They are offering 10 days of unlimited site/tracker access to check things out for yourself, and will honor all VIP donations made in the past 90 days; to be converted to membership time. Their format model is simple and entirely membership based, not ratio based. UP-keeping your account will never be a problem. Standard pricing is normally $15 a month and the same pricing as any online service, but have agreed to a 1 year price-lock guarantee of only $10 a month just for PJs. Special offers can even bring a membership down to $5 a month in many cases! You have nothing to loose by signing up and checking things out for yourself. Here are some details on what they can offer you: Blazing fast preBots * No ratio requirement * No seeding requirement Dedicated 4K Categories * Open request forum that delivers * 20K TV packs with dedicated uploaders 300k active torrents * A quarter of a million peers * Knowledgeable staffing * Dedicated support ...and much much more With over 1.2 million torrents posted in 7 years and over 20 years of servicing the torrenting community, you can be reassured that GP will deliver the content and the support you need most!" Oof, that sucks.
  21. Dear users, time flies, and this is the last call for some of you to be or not to be on our website, because people who have not downloaded anything since registration and have not sent out legally will be removed without the possibility of returning. Observers on TL.PL are not needed by the crew or :!: users. The same applies to people who do not seed by law . Please click on your nickname and expand Torrents Complete. Everything that is red must be sent out immediately. To the standard user question "What to do if I don't have this insert anymore", we answer: re-download and seed. Of course, you can also not seed at all, but choose the appropriate form from the SUPPORT tab. We give you the last chance to repair your accounts, and from Monday 07/11/2022. we will start banning the so-called observers and leeches . The crew of TL.PL
  22. As of Nov 3rd, 2022, we do not allow uploading Music Torrents or Music Videos anymore. Music Shows & Concerts are allowed All Music Torrents are Free ⭐ to Download till we delete all music on January 31, 2023.
  23. Starting today, users with a hit and run greater than or equal to 30 and those with a ratio less than or equal to 0.2 will be limited to downloading torrents newer than 7 days. We remind you that tricking the system and reporting false data or not reporting them is punished with disable, an activity observed even during periods of global freeleech. Caught users will notice that they are kicked out and can no longer recover. If you know that you tried to trick the system, there is no point in trying to complain on Facebook, these accounts will not be reactivated. The only way of support for users who can no longer access their accounts is the Facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/speedappio . You will receive an automatic message that includes answers to the vast majority of problems, and if those don't work, it will take a while until you get an answer from a staffer.
  24. All users are invited to participate in this competition during the month of November, whose objective is to create banners that will be published on the site during Christmas and New Year. There are prizes for the winners! The SceneRush administration
  25. Dear users, dear friends! We thank the users who supported the Piggy Bank and, thus, the development of the tracker, as well as those who are going to do it - the tracker is updated regularly with new products and needs your support. I would especially like to thank the people who help constantly, thank you! The report for the previous period can be viewed here and we remind you that support for this section is welcome in the form of adding various bonuses. Thank you for being with us!
  26. Another year of Portugal! 🎉 Last year, around this time, we opened our Discord to the public and now you can use it to celebrate this 2nd anniversary of Portugas. We will be offering bonus points, invites, freeleech chips, upload GBs and, who knows, a few more surprises. The first giveaway will start today, November 1st , at 8pm . All giveaways will last for 24 hours. All you need to do is connect your Discord account to the tracker to know who we are going to award the prizes to. To do this, you can type /link in any Discord room or follow the steps on the Security > Discord ID page of your profile. Additionally, the Halloween Freeleech will be extended for another 1 week! Thank you to everyone who visits us regularly and to everyone who contributes content, for another year of Portuguese! The Portuguese administration
  27. The website code upgrade is completed, if there is any problem (seeding, magic, points, etc.), please PM for management, thank you! ! After the website is upgraded, some instructions are as follows: 1. Enable new check-in. Sign in for the first time to get 10 mana. Each consecutive check-in grants an additional 5 mana, up to a cap of 300. Check in for the 10th day in a row and get an extra 100 mana. Check in for the 20th day in a row and get an extra 300 mana. Check in for the 30th day in a row and get an additional 666 mana. 2. HR and seed claim have been updated. For details, please refer to the website rules . Whether the seed preservation time is up to the standard after downloading the seeds, there will be a message on the site. Quick way to claim seeds: Personal page "click to open the current seeding" click to claim. 3. Update of account retention rules: 1. Extreme User and above users will be retained forever; 2. Veteran User and above users will not be banned after sealing their accounts (in the control panel); 3. Users who have sealed accounts for 300 consecutive days If you do not log in, your account will be banned; 4. Users who do not log in for 150 consecutive days will be banned; 5. Users who have no traffic (that is, upload/download data are both 0) will be banned if they do not log in for 30 consecutive days. 6. If the banned account does not log in for 365 consecutive days, it will be physically deleted from the database. 4. The official seed bonus (0.2) and the harem bonus (0.1) have been added to the magic power of seeding. The website will be maintained on 2022.11.02, and the code will be upgraded. It will not be accessible at that time, so it will be a red seed. (Upgrade maintenance completed...)
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