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  7. CloudStream-3 Piracy App Taken Down By Sky UK DMCA Notice Popular open source Android app Cloudstream-3 allows people to watch movies and TV shows by aggregating content from dozens of major streaming sites. Following a DMCA takedown notice sent to Github on behalf of Sky UK, which complains about the availability of a single TV episode, Cloudstream-3's main development repo has been consigned to history. Pirate KeyOne criticism of legitimate streaming platforms such as Netflix, Disney+ and Prime Video, involves content discovery. Even if people subscribe to all three, there’s no official way to carry out a unified search and view in one app. This issue isn’t unique to legal platforms. Pirate sites also have their own libraries and while they’re nowhere near as restricted as their licensed counterparts, the ability to search multiple resources from one interface is definitely considered a big plus among users. It’s a problem the CloudStream app attempted to solve. Cloudstream-3 – Open Source, No Ads Installing piracy-focused apps is everyday work for millions of Android users but in common with any software downloaded from the internet, there can be nagging doubts that unwanted features might come as part of the package. That’s just one of the reasons that users like CloudStream-3. Now in its third iteration, CloudStream-3 is free, open source, reportedly clean, and available in a couple of dozen languages. The app aggregates content from a huge number of third-party sites (more than 50 at last count – list below) including some of the web’s largest streaming platforms. FMovies, for example, has thousands of videos and tens of millions of monthly visitors, but that’s just one source out of dozens. CloudStream-3 has been in development on Github under the username ‘LagradOst‘ for some time but yesterday the coding platform received a copyright infringment complaint. As a result, the CloudStream-3 repo was suspended and with it the main download link for the application’s APK file. The DMCA takedown notice was sent by Kopjra S.R.L., a company specializing in online investigations and OSINT. Among its customers are Italian media giant Mediaset and broadcaster Sky, with the copyright complaint sent on the latter’s behalf. “We are writing in the name and on behalf of Sky UK Limited, the exclusive owner of distribution and exploitation rights of the Sky UK channels. This IPTV App (CloudStream 3) includes illegal and unauthorized Pay Tv Sky UK tv series: Riviera,” the notice reads. The complaint includes a short tutorial on how to install and use CloudStream-3 to watch episode 1 of Riviera using the streaming source ‘Trailers.to’. At just five steps long from installation to viewing, the instructions show why these apps are so popular. Why Disclaimers Mean Almost Nothing Like many similar apps, CloudStream-3 comes with a disclaimer, noting that any legal issues should be taken up with the sites hosting the content, not the developers of the app. “CloudStream 3 does not host any content on the app, and has no control over what media is put up or taken down. CloudStream 3 functions like any other search engine, such as Google. CloudStream 3 does not host, upload or manage any videos, films or content. It simply crawls, aggregates and displays links in a convenient, user-friendly interface,” the disclaimer reads. “It merely scrapes 3rd-party websites that are publicly accessible via any regular web browser. It is the responsibility of the user to avoid any actions that might violate the laws governing his/her locality. Use CloudStream 3 at your own risk.” Whether Sky’s anti-piracy agent read this advice is unknown, but the reality is they can do whatever they like within the law to protect their rights. Sending a DMCA notice is just one of the options and certainly the easiest. The TV episode in question can be found in less than five steps using a search engine but the overall packaging makes the app a prime target and the list of indexed sites only underlines that. The developer/s could try their luck with a DMCA counternotice but given the circumstances, that’s not exactly advisable. Sky has been paying attention to Github in recent months having previously taken down CucoTV. At the moment the CloudStream-2 repo is untouched but it seems unlikely the project will try to make Github its home in future. CloudStream-3 sources (recent list): Akwam- -AllAnime- -AllMoviesForYou- -AnimeFlick- -AnimePahe- -AnimeWorld- -Animeflv.net- -Animekisa- -AsianLoad- -AsiaFlix- -Bflix- -Fmovies.to- -Sflix.pro- -Cinecalidad- -Cuevana- -DoramasYT- -DramaSee- -DubbedAnime- -EgyBest- -EntrePeliculasySeries- -filman.cc- -French Stream- -GogoAnime- -Kawaiifu- -HD Movies- -I Have No TV- -KDramaHood- -LookMovie- -MeloMovie- -Monoschinos- -MyCima- -9Anime- -PeliSmart- -Pelisflix- -PelisplusHD- -Pelisplus- -Pinoy-HD- -Pinoy Moviepedia- -Pinoy Movies- -Sflix.to- -Dopebox- -Solarmovie- -Seriesflix- -Soap2Day- -Tenshi.moe- -Trailers.to- -TheFlix.to- -2Embed- -VMovee- -vf-film.me- -vf-serie.org- -VidEmbed- -WatchAsian- -WatchCartoonOnline- -WCO Stream- -Zoro
  8. LaLiga & Movistar Will Block IPTV Pirates, No Court Process Needed Top-tier football league LaLiga and subscription TV platform Movistar Plus+ have won a joint lawsuit in Spain that allows them to block IPTV services until 2025 without needing permission from the courts. A second lawsuit won by Movistar Plus+ allows the TV platform to advise local ISPs of piracy-facilitating sites on a weekly basis and have them blocked within three hours. IPTVSpanish top-tier football league LaLiga is a corporate giant. During the 2020/21 season, LaLiga clubs achieved revenues of almost 3.2 billion euros and with the assistance of LaLiga’s own anti-piracy division, the football group only wants to see that increase. Owned by Telefónica, one of the world’s largest telecoms and internet companies, Movistar Plus+ is the largest TV subscription platform in Spain. Through sports streamer DAZN, Movistar Plus+ has a distribution deal to air LaLiga matches until 2027, and everyone involved would prefer LaLiga fans to pay for their content, not pirate it. LaLiga and Movistar have previously made separate efforts to curtail piracy by going after notorious sports streaming site RojaDirecta and teaming up with the police to take down pirate IPTV suppliers. In the background, however, one of the key goals is to increase and improve ISP blocking. LaLiga & Movistar Plus+ Win Enhanced Blocking Powers In an announcement Thursday, Telefónica revealed that subsidiary Movistar Plus+ and LaLiga had emerged with a joint win following a lawsuit heard before the Commercial Court No. 9 of Barcelona. The court heard that enhanced ISP blocking powers are necessary to protect the companies’ rights. Due to the fluid nature of pirate IPTV and other streaming services, it’s no longer sufficient to block domain names and IP addresses in the hope they will stay the same over time. Instead, ISP blocking needs to be more nimble – more dynamic – and that can’t be achieved with ever-recurring visits to the court to obtain permission. The Court agreed and on July 25 handed down a decision that will allow LaLiga and Movistar Plus+ to respond in a much more timely manner. Once new URLs, domains, and IP addresses of pirate services are identified as infringers of the companies’ rights, blocking of the same will take place on a weekly basis, with no need to identify the Court in advance. The new arrangement follows in the footsteps of previous blocking orders won by LaLiga. “The decision will be in force until the 2024/2025 season and will begin its operation from the week of August 8, before the start of LaLiga football on August 12,” Telefónica’s statement adds. Movistar Plus+ Victorious in Separate Lawsuit Given that effective blocking orders need to be applied across all internet service providers, it’s no surprise that Movistar Plus+ wants local ISPs on board to protect its own content. In addition to the LaLiga deal, the subscription TV platform holds rights to UEFA competitions and has agreements with DAZN, Netflix, Disney+, and Prime Video, among others. A decision handed down July 27 by the Mercantile Court number 6 of Barcelona should help Movistar Plus+ to achieve its goals. Valid for three sports seasons until the end of the football championships in the 2024/25 season, the order allows the pay TV platform to supply continuously updated pirate IPTV blocking instructions to local internet service providers. “[T]he blockade must be carried out within a maximum period of three hours from the notification of new list,” Telefónica explains, adding that the list does not need to be approved by the court and covers all Movistar Plus+ content, not just football matches. One Spanish telecoms company that won’t mind helping out Movistar Plus+ is Orange España. While it directly competes with Movistar, a telecoms company also owned by Telefónica, Orange recently did a deal with Telefónica to offer coverage of LaLiga and UEFA matches in Spain. What Could Possibly Be Driving People to IPTV Piracy? The announcement comes on the heels of a new Uswitch report revealing that Premier League fans in the UK will need to dig deep if they want to enjoy the new season on TV. After subscribing to Sky Sports, BT Sport and Amazon Prime Video to gain access to all televised matches (but not all matches played), the average cost to a fan watching all of their team’s games will be £21.93 per match. “However, fans of Bournemouth, Fulham and Nottingham Forest – the three promoted sides – will be paying £35.67 per game to watch their favorite club, based on how often each team’s games are televised,” Uswitch added. For perspective, users of pirate IPTV services in the UK and Spain will probably pay less than £10/€10 per month for several thousand channels, including every match and event offered by Premier League, LaLiga, Serie A, NHL, NBA, and UFC. Plus every movie and TV show, including everything Netflix, Disney+ and Prime Video has to offer. Expensive TV sports packages are known to drive uptake of cheap pirate IPTV services so until something changes to make legal options more affordable, ISP blocking will attempt to frustrate fans towards legality. What blocking can’t do is put more disposable money into people’s pockets.
  9. AT&T’s ‘Buggy’ Copyright Infringement Portal Frustrates Accused Pirates AT&T subscribers who are repeatedly accused of downloading pirated content risk having their accounts terminated. This can be prevented by following the instructions at AT&T's dedicated copyright alert portal. However, due to technical issues, many subscribers are unable to "acknowledge" warnings and participate in the mandatory "copyright tutorial." att logoFor more than two decades, copyright holders have sent takedown notices to ISPs to alert account holders that their connections are being used to pirate content. In the past, subscribers could simply ignore these warnings if they wanted, as there were virtually no repercussions. AT&T and other ISPs publicly stated that they would never disconnect customers without a court order, arguing that only a court can decide what constitutes a repeat infringement. AT&T Disconnects Persistent Pirates After rightsholders filed several high-profile lawsuits against ISPs, most providers revised their policies. In AT&T’s case, the ISP launched a dedicated copyright portal and began terminating the accounts of subscribers repeatedly targeted with piracy allegations. AT&T doesn’t disconnect subscribers without giving them advance notice, of course. After the initial warnings, they get the chance to take steps so that future infringements are prevented. This can get pretty hands-on as it involves a mandatory educational ‘copyright tutorial‘. If subscribers fail to resolve the issue, more harsh measures come into play, with a permanent disconnection as the ultimate punishment. This option is clearly laid out in the AT&T Copyright Alert Program. “If multiple violations occur, AT&T will take action, which may include terminating your internet service,” the provider writes. With this much on the line, most subscribers take the piracy warnings quite seriously. The ISP will be happy with that but many subscribers are less happy with how AT&T is handling things at its end. Complaints About a Buggy Copyright Portal Over the past few days, there have been several complaints from subscribers who can’t acknowledge that they have received piracy notices or are unable to complete the required copyright tutorial. These complaints are not new. We have spotted numerous threads over the years and the issue regularly flares up. While these might be occasional technical difficulties, they are quite frustrating for people who might lose their Internet access. A small selection of recent messages are listed below: I’ve recently gotten an e-mail telling me about a copyright noticed and as I attempt to do the tutorial I keep getting Server Error issue so i’m unable to complete it. Do they really shut off your internet if you don’t complete it?” – User2022 “I’m told to login and go to att.com/copyright-infringement to acknowledge that I have received this alert. But when I do that there is absolutely nowhere that I can acknowledge it. Everything ends up a dead end!” – Julius “Why can’t I access the Tutorial? Is there anyone at ATT I can talk to to get some help with this issue. The latest letter I received says they will reduce my internet access if I do not take the Tutorial.” – jimb0g “You cant threaten to turn off my internet when your own website prevents me from doing it. I need a solution ASAP.” – FrustratedCustomer89 Recurring Problems Most of these calls for help are not immediately answered by an AT&T employee. However, there is an ‘award-winning’ forum user named Tonydi who regularly chimes in to confirm a recurring problem. “This situation keeps coming up in here over and over, literally for years. AT&T must have recently sent out a bulk mailing because all of a sudden it’s become a popular subject in the forum again,” Tonydi writes. Most subscribers are reassured by his suggestion that AT&T does “absolutely nothing” after they send the scary notices. However, as we highlighted earlier, the ISP has terminated subscribers in the past, so ignoring the matter isn’t without risk. Solution? It’s unclear if the complaining subscribers eventually sort out the problem. In most cases, an AT&T employee eventually responds to the complaints with some advice but that doesn’t always lead to a solution. For example, we spotted a response from a subscriber who was directed to call the Digital Assistance Center after the initial advice failed. This person was then sent back and forth between different customer service departments. Despite spending an hour trying to resolve the matter, the problem persisted. The above clearly suggests that AT&T’s handling of piracy complaints can be quite buggy at times and could use some more attention. Especially when people are threatened with losing their Internet access. We reached out to the Internet provider asking for a comment on our findings. While it didn’t go into the possible terminations, an AT&T spokesperson replied with the following statement. “We take allegations of copyright infringement very seriously and are committed to helping our customers understand how to comply with the law. The online tutorial is just one of several resources we offer and customers may contact us with questions at any time.”
  10. Leaseweb Asks Court to Dismiss Copyright Infringement Lawsuit A few weeks ago, hosting provider Leaseweb was sued for copyright infringement in California. Photographer Barry Rosen filed the lawsuit claiming that the company failed to take action against "infringing" poster sites, despite receiving repeated DMCA notices. Leaseweb disagrees and is now asking the court to dismiss the case. With datacenters in Europe, Asia and the United States, Leaseweb is a big player in the hosting space. The Dutch company has thousands of customers that come in all shapes and sizes. This includes some that are labeled as pirate sites or otherwise find themselves accused of copyright infringement. This hasn’t gone unnoticed. Ten years ago it was revealed that Megaupload hosted hundreds of servers at Leaseweb and, at one point, Hollywood even considered taking the company to court. That plan never was never realized but the complaints didn’t disappear either. Lawsuit over Hosting Infringing Sites A few weeks ago, photographer Barry Rosen took action against the unknown operators of the websites idposter.com, nposter.com and celebposter.com. These sites allegedly sell infringing copies of his copyrighted works as posters and other merchandise. The complaint, filed at the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California, also added Leaseweb into the mix as the only named defendant. According to the photographer, the hosting company failed to take the sites offline despite receiving many DMCA notices. It is not uncommon for hosting companies to simply forward DMCA notices to customers, instead of taking customers’ sites offline. However, Rosen believes that Leaseweb should have taken action and is demanding damages that could exceed $5.5 million. Leaseweb Responds A few days ago the hosting company responded to the complaint. Leaseweb describes the photographer as a prolific litigant who has already filed more than 50 copyright infringement lawsuits. The cloud hosting provider notes that it is the latest target in this “litigation strategy.” The fact that a rightsholder has filed numerous lawsuits doesn’t say much about the strength of the claim. However, Leaseweb goes on to argue that it’s merely a passive host that doesn’t control what content its subscribers make available. “Leaseweb Entities do not have control over the content uploaded by their customers, and can only help facilitate removal of infringing content upon reasonable notice from the copyright-holder,” Leaseweb writes. “Leaseweb Entities merely were passive hosts,” they add. The hosting provider doesn’t go into detail on how it responds to DMCA notices but hosting companies generally don’t remove files hosted by their customers. Instead, they forward the notices so the customer can sort out the issue on their own. Leaseweb Challenges Jurisdiction Leaseweb’s filing isn’t meant to challenge the merits of the arguments. Instead, it asks the court to dismiss the lawsuit over a lack of personal jurisdiction, as neither the infringing sites nor the hosting company have substantial connections to California. “Leaseweb NL is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and it hosts its customers/end users content on servers physically located in the Netherlands. It has no offices, property, assets, officers, or employees in the United States. It does not own or control any bank accounts in California or the U.S. and does not pay taxes here. “Less than a fraction of one percent of Leaseweb NL’s customers are based in California, and neither the Leaseweb NL customer nor end user at issue in this case is based in California as far as Leaseweb NL is aware,” the company adds. The hosting provider does have a US presence in the form of Leaseweb USA Inc, which is based in Delaware. This company also has two data centers in California but none of the allegedly infringing sites were hosted there, the company says. To establish jurisdiction, the photographer has to show that Leaseweb purposefully directed any activities at California. In addition, it has to be clear that the infringing activities have a connection to California. Neither is the case here, according to Leaseweb. Interestingly, Leaseweb is open to litigating this case in the Netherlands, but whether the photographer is up for that is doubtful. Before that becomes an issue, however, the court should rule on the motion to dismiss.
  11. Pirate streaming sites have plenty of options when it comes to sourcing movies, TV shows, and live TV streams. But for some, however, cheaper is apparently better. Streaming portals offering channels from Disney, Paramount, Warner Bros. and HBO are using Twitch's servers to save money, but it appears Hollywood has already launched an investigation and is hot on the trail. TwitchIn today’s ‘click-and-play’ world, almost anyone can launch their own pirate site. Servers ready to accept self-installing scripts are available in minutes, and for those with no time to source movies and TV shows, there’s no shortage of suppliers ready to sell access to vast libraries in a similar timeframe. At the other end of the market, cutting costs to maximize slender advertising revenues appears to be more important than a glossy user experience. Court Filing Targets Streaming Sites In a DMCA subpoena application filed at a California court this week, the MPA (on behalf of anti-piracy group Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment) highlighted the piracy problems faced by companies including Paramount, Sony, Universal, Disney, Warner, Amazon and Netflix. Seeking the court-ordered cooperation of Cloudflare, MPA/ACE requested information on a number of pirate streaming sites, including the personal details of their operators. As a normal part of the investigation process, this is nothing new for ACE. However, a couple of details do catch the eye as being somewhat out of the ordinary. Two of the domains listed in the application are TVConnexion.com and TeleBunker.com. When combined the sites offer dozens of live TV channels from companies including Disney, Paramount, Warner Bros. and HBO – a perfect recipe for appearing on the ACE radar. ACE informed the court that the sites offered infringing copies of the movies Suicide Squad and Salt, plus TV shows Gold Rush and Deadliest Catch. The court documents show that the named sites didn’t host any video content since both rely on third-party hosting sites to supply content. Cut-Price Pirates Like Free Streams The stream URLs listed in the court documents no longer function but when they did, they linked to video streamed live from Twitch’s servers. Further investigation suggests that the sites named by ACE rely on what appears to be a dedicated pool of Twitch user accounts set up for the purposes of streaming or restreaming live TV channels. The names of the Twitch user accounts involved aren’t especially important for the purposes of this article, but it’s likely that MPA/ACE’s 100-strong investigating team has them all in a list by now with plenty of supporting evidence. And since this is Twitch, evidence isn’t hard to find. Unlike Many Pirate Servers, Twitch Loves Logging While pirate streaming servers certainly have the ability to log who does what and when, it’s extremely unlikely that precision logging is high on the list of priorities. But, as the image below shows, Twitch loves to log information and sites like StreamsCharts are more than happy to present it elegantly. The image above shows the stats of just one of the many accounts being used to stream TV shows to the sites listed in the ACE/MPA subpoena. With this one alone having clocked up almost 46,000 hours of viewing time in just 30 days, overall consumption is likely to be pretty high. Quite why ACE/MPA haven’t gone after these Twitch accounts rather than the web pages embedding their streams is unknown, but it’s clear that the studios believe the portals are linked. Indeed, evidence of that is in plentiful supply. In addition to channel sources and analytics accounts, advertising affiliates are shared across multiple domains. Perhaps a bit too early to say but there’s probably more useful information available in the public domain than the fake details Cloudflare probably has in hand. Other Sites in the Same DMCA Subpoena Ver-television.online is listed as an infringer of the movies Suicide Squad and Changeling. It’s quite a popular site with around four million visits per month per SimilarWeb stats. The subpoena application seeks information from Cloudflare relating to the domain operator. The site itself appears to be located on the development platform Replit and offers access to a wide range of live TV channels. Three similar domains – Cablegratis.online, Cablegratishd.online and Cablegratistv.online – enjoy around 1.5 million visits per month and also get a mention in the subpoena. They are joined by the unusually comprehensive streaming portal Televisiongratisenvivo.com. One additional domain is mentioned in the subpoena as a backend source for streaming site Teleullenvivo.com but it raises a couple of suspicions so we won’t reproduce it here.
  12. A $32.5m copyright infringement lawsuit filed by DISH Network claims that CDN company DataCamp failed to prevent several pirate IPTV providers from pirating its content, even after receiving hundreds of DMCA notices. DataCamp has just informed the court that since it's unable to monitor encrypted traffic, there is no liability and the lawsuit must be dismissed. encryptionDISH Network’s campaign against the pirate IPTV ecosystem is large but also unique. Anyone involved, from the biggest fish to the smallest fry, is a potential target. From those who capture or distribute streams to those who sell, resell, or buy them, DISH and partner Nagrastar can easily come up with a tailored cash settlement or a full-blown lawsuit. For any entity facilitating any of the above, the same also holds true. DISH Targets CDN Company DataCamp In February, DISH filed a lawsuit at an Illinois district court against UK-based CDN/hosting company DataCamp (d/b/a CDN77 and DataPacket). The broadcaster claimed that IPTV providers Banjo TV, Bollywood IPTV, Comstar TV, Express IPTV, Gennie TV, Gold TV, IPGuys, Istar, Red IPTV, Sky IPTV, and Zumm TV, used DataCamp services that were designed with IPTV/OTT delivery in mind. While that in itself raises no legal issues, DISH claimed that despite sending hundreds of DMCA notices to DataCamp, the company “deliberately refused” to take reasonable steps to prevent IPTV providers’ ongoing infringement using its services. Blocking or the enforcement of a repeat infringer policy were both options, DISH said, but instead DataCamp did nothing, “because it wanted to maintain the revenue that would come from the accounts.” DISH believes that inaction cost DataCamp its ‘safe harbor’ protections so the company should be held liable for contributory infringement. Since money was made from those infringements, the matter of vicarious liability also enters the mix, leading DISH to demand at least $32.5m in damages. It’s no surprise that DataCamp’s response paints a completely different picture. Targeting DataCamp is a ‘Tactical Leverage’ Strategy In a memorandum supporting a motion to dismiss filed on August 5, DataCamp describes the DISH lawsuit as a means to “gain tactical leverage” over alleged direct infringers, i.e the people behind the named IPTV providers. DataCamp says that DISH seeks to impose “unprecedented liability” over the alleged infringements of third parties but with no knowledge of such infringement, the CDN company carries no responsibility. “Instead of seeking out the alleged infringers of its works, Plaintiff attempts to assert that DataCamp ‘materially assists’ the alleged Pirate Services’ infringement and, in the process, conflates the two separate businesses named in this action: CDN77 and DataPacket,” DataCamp’s motion reads. Encryption: No Access, No Knowledge In respect of the IPTV providers listed in the complaint, DataCamp says that DISH “fails to, and cannot allege” that any are or were customers of CDN77. ‘DataPacket‘ is a server and connectivity provider designed to shift subscriber data across the internet, DataCamp adds, noting that the provider’s only responsibility to customers is to ensure it stays connected to the internet. “DataPacket has no access, let alone involvement, with the software those subscribers install. Nor does DataPacket maintain any access to the material displayed or viewed by end-users of its network, which is completely encrypted,” its motion to dismiss reads. “Because DataPacket is merely a server provider, it has no more involvement in the alleged infringement than a hardware manufacturer providing a direct infringer with computers and routers, a power utility company providing a direct infringer with electricity, or a web-hosting service providing a direct infringer with a web address.” ‘Contributory Copyright Infringement Claim Fails’ Under United States copyright law a defendant is liable for contributory copyright infringement when it has knowledge of infringing activity carried out by a third party and “induces, causes or materially contributes” to the infringing conduct. DataCamp says that a finding of liability requires knowledge of “specific infringing uses” of its technology, evidenced by the “ability to monitor or control” infringing content. Since DISH’s complaint acknowledges that DataCamp’s IPTV provider customers “encrypt their streams so that only [their] subscription paying customers can view them,” that limits DataCamp’s knowledge. “Even if DataCamp could view the data passing through the alleged Pirate Services to those companies’ customers— which it cannot — DataCamp would be wholly unable to discern what content the data includes or where that data is being routed. It is technologically impossible for DataCamp to have actual knowledge that specific infringing material was available using its network,” the company adds. DMCA Notices: Actual Knowledge of Specific Infringement? DISH claims that it sent hundreds of DMCA notices to DataCamp relating to the conduct of its pirate IPTV provider customers. Do these notices provide evidence that the IPTV providers infringed “DISH’s exclusive public performance rights” and were engaged in “repeated and willful” copyright infringement? Do they show that DataCamp had actual knowledge of specific infringement? DataCamp doesn’t think so. “Infringement notices sent to service providers like DataCamp do not constitute ‘notice of any specific acts of infringement,’ regardless of the number of notices sent, but instead ‘gives at most a general knowledge that infringement will likely occur again in the future’,” DataCamp notes, citing a 2020 decision by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. “[Infringement notices] are therefore insufficient to sustain a claim for contributory copyright infringement.” Turning to DISH’s allegations that DataCamp failed to remove or disable content identified in the notices, the CDN company says that contributory copyright infringement cannot be based merely on a “failure to take affirmative steps to prevent infringement” unless there is evidence of intentional infringement. “[A] computer system operator such as DataCamp which merely provides a network of servers for its customers, is not liable for contributory infringement where it takes the ‘simple measure’ of forwarding notices of claimed infringement to the alleged infringer,” the company writes. “DataCamp has satisfied this requirement, and Plaintiff does not dispute it, acknowledging DataCamp’s correspondence that it ‘forwarded the notice[s] to the responsible customer to remove the infringing content’.” ‘Vicarious Copyright Infringement Claim Fails’ In response to DISH’s claim of vicarious copyright infringement, DataCamp says DISH must show that the defendant had the right and ability to supervise the infringing conduct and had a direct financial interest in the infringing activity. DataCamp says it can’t monitor customers if their activities are encrypted and if it had terminated entire customer accounts (which in turn could have customers of their own, wholly engaged in legal activity), that would’ve been an imprecise, overbroad, and unworkable solution. In any event, DISH failed to evidence any direct financial benefit to DataCamp. “It is of course no surprise that Plaintiff has not adequately alleged that DataCamp receives a direct financial benefit from the alleged infringements because it cannot. DataCamp receives payments from its customers to utilize its server network, but such payments have no relation to the content, infringing or not, produced by end-users,” the company adds. In closing, DataCamp reminds the Court that “permitting such bald and faulty allegations to proceed here” would set a precedent affecting many other companies operating similar networked server access, with Amazon, Digital Ocean, Leaseweb and OVH as just a few examples. To avoid that, the complaint should be dismissed, DataCamp concludes.
  13. Welcome To This Months Newsletter Reminder, BS 18 year FL has finished FL event schedule So we hope you all enjoyed and took advantage of our Birthday FL and the free FLTs. This month we will be adding some small changes to the Wiki, please check it out over the next week. Also welcome to any new members, please take your time to read the Rules/Wiki. Any questions just ask. New Competitions Coming Soon... Please watch out for the*September Newsletter, as we have a Rollover from our previous competition, as nobody claimed the prize in the correct time frame Previous -Win a Synology DiskStation DS218 competition: March 2022 We are also going to be running our "Win a LS 5 Gift Card" (Little Snitch) competition at the same time. This offers a chance to win a free LS 5 license.* Previous-Win a LS 5 Gift Card competition Set September 1st as a must watch date Monterey OS Wondering if something is working on Monterey OS?*Check this topic for submissions.* Feel free to add to the list, and share your info with the community. Caution About V2 BitTorrent Files Avoid creating V2 torrent files with your torrent clients that offer this support. Transmission currently does not support V2 torrent files and will produce an invalid error instead. Transmission is also currently the most widely used client on here. Any reported V2 torrents will be deleted simply because the majority will not be supported. Passwords heading towards 2 years old This is a timely reminder, that there are now many members who's Passwords are approaching the 2 year mark. Any member with a Password over 2 years old will have restrictions placed on their account immediately. Staff Picks Apps of the month: PopClip* Instantly access context-specific actions from your mouse, including copy and paste, plus 100 free extensions. Things Things is the award-winning personal task manager that helps you achieve your goals. Game of the month: Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance II Another great RPG in the Baldur's Gate franchise with great visuals. It is also compatible with Mojave OS too! Board Updates, Changes and Reminders Briefly; The main rules page cannot be edited currently and all*new rules or changes are listed in the BrokenStones Wiki here Requests have 3 mandatory requirements Passwords over 2+ years old need to be updated What are Freekeech Tokens and how to use them?
  14. Let's finish the summer strong. Upload a game, all games are valid uploads. Tag your torrent as*summer.contest.2022*Untagged torrents will not be counted as submissions, even if they meet the other criteria. Make sure your torrent follows the PixelCove**Upload Rules. The contest runs from Wednesday the 3rd of August, 00:00 AM, until October 1st, 00:00 AM (site time). Winners will be picked through a random drawing from all entries. Each valid upload is one entry. The more torrents you upload, the more chances you have at winning. You can enter as many times as you want. All platforms and game systems are accepted. Any type of game release is accepted. Scene official releases, packs, repacks, home rips etc. Non-game uploads (DLC, art, OSTs etc.) are*NOT*valid in this contest. Uploading torrents from other trackers is allowed, provided they meet the criteria and follow the PixelCove*Upload Rules. Every member that participates can win only once and only torrents that are uploaded before the end of the contest count. To win the "participation badge" you need to upload minimum of 2 torrents that meet the criteria. Staff is not allowed to enter the contest, but any community team members (i.e. PixUp and Recruiters) are. Winners receive Bonus credits, Invites, and*a one-time exclusive Forum badge. These badges will never be obtainable again. Invites can be paid out as 25,000 BP each instead. All prizes are non-transferable and non-negotiable. First Place* *Second Place* *Third Place* *Participation Badge***(min. 2 uploads) 500.000BP* *250.000BP* *100.000BP* *10.000BP 5 Invites* *3 Invites* *2 Invites* *Free Custom Title tba* *tba* *tba* *tba
  15. Dear Blutopians, We're glad to announce the start of the one month phase-in period of our new uploading rules. We'll be accepting feedback from the community and further refining the rules until September 2022, at which point they will fully come into force. You may participate in the discussion here: blutopia.xyz/forums/topics/4068. Best wishes, Blutopia staff
  16. Looking for technicians in MYSQL database optimization and related website defense. Seek technical support for MYSQL database optimization and related website defense. PM management contact in the upper right corner.
  17. Client Whitelist Changes Many users are using very outdated clients on the site. As these clients get older they lack more, and more features that have been added to Bittorrent over the years. For example, uTorrent versions older than 3.x do not support piece sizes larger than 16MB. The best client now days is qBittorrent, which supports all the major operating systems. In the coming weeks we will begin to remove some of these older clients from the whitelist, starting with the following: Azureus/Vuze (all versions) uTorrent 1.x Transmission 1.x BitTornado (all versions hlhlde) Deluge 1.x BitTorrent mainline (all versions) kTorrent (all versions) You can find more info about the whitelisted clients in the wiki Thanks, PreToMe
  18. FinVip News Server paid for 07/2022 & Domain until 05/2023
  19. Uploader Application ... My internal upload speed, test Romania: https://www.speedtest.net My external upload speed, New York test: https://www.speedtest.net What kind of torrents I can offer: May you are uploder on another site: Those sites are: My external upload sources are: I know how to make a torrent and seed it: I understand that I have to seed a torrent until there are min min 5 seeders or 5 days: PM booghibooghi
  20. HDAtmos News HDAtmos official pt, welcome everyone to collect, sign in~
  21. 2022.08.06 - Overhead Promotion Rules Spend a certain amount of magic power to promote the seed to the top, and reward the magic power to attract users to speed up, which is higher than the system's top level. When there are multiple seeds for top promotion, users can add bidding magic power, and the higher the bidding magic power, the higher the ranking. The total mana consumption consists of placeholder mana, bidding mana, and reward mana. The placeholder magic is the product of base, hours, and coefficients. The coefficient is to use the magic formula of the system to calculate the current time magic of the current seed. Therefore, the larger the seed volume, the longer the release time, and the smaller the number of seeders, the larger the coefficient, that is, the higher the cost of promotion. Mana consumption calculation: After purchasing the top promotion, it will be displayed at the top of the seed list (higher than one level top), with a special icon in front, and if there is bonus mana, it will also be displayed behind the title. In addition, on the details page, the top promotion information will also be added before the introduction. Users can view the number of participants, and display the ranking and estimated revenue in real time. Note: The duration, bidding magic power, reward magic power, and the number of people rewarded can all be added by the sponsor at any time before the end. If the time is up, the initiator does not complete the download, and the magic will not return. After all, the public resources are occupied, and the participants have already paid. After the end, the top ones with the most uploads will share the reward magic power in proportion to the uploads, and there will be a message in the station.
  22. Tracker's Name: SeedFile Genre: General Sign-up Link: https://seedfile.io/register Closing date: N/A Additional information: SeedFile (TheFile.Ro) is a Romanian Private Torrent Tracker for 0Day / General Releases
  23. Tracker's Name: P2PElite [P2PE] Genre: e-Learning Sign-up Link: https://p2pelite.com/signup.php Closing date: N/A Review's Link: Additional information: P2PElite [P2PE] is a private e-learning tracker , it is sister site of Scene Palace, Twilights, The Horror Charnel and Twilight Zooms
  24. Tracker's Name: TheEmpire [TS] Genre: e-Learning Sign-up Link: https://theempire.click/signup.php Closing date: N/A Additional information: TheEmpire [TS] is a Private Torrent Tracker for COMMONWEALTH TV / RADIO. TheEmpire is the sister-site of TheShow, TheVault, ThePlace, TheOccult and TheGeeks.
  25. Tracker's Name: Classical-taranis.me Genre: General Sign-up Link: https://taranis.me/signup.php? Closing date: N/A Additional information: Classical-taranis.me is a Dutch Private Torrent Tracker for Movies / General Releases.
  26. Tracker's Name: Maatjes Genre: General Sign-up Link: https://maatjes.biz/signup.php Closing date: N/A Additional information: Maatjes is a Dutch Private Torrent Tracker for Movies / General Releases.
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